Types Of Paper Drill Bits

Paper Drills - Industrial Hole DrillingPaper drills are amazing machines, especially considering what they do. Paper drills are to paper punches as jet fighters are to kites. There is really that big a difference. Where a paper punch can go through 1-10 sheets of paper at a time, a paper drill can go through an inch or more of paper (depending on the model) in a matter of seconds.

One critical part of the paper drilling process is the hollowed out paper drill bit. Did you know that there are several different styles of paper drill bits? Unfortunately not all paper drill bits are interchangeable. If you own paper drill “A”, you have to use drill bit “A”. The biggest difference between paper drill bits is the design and size of the shank.

All paper drill bits feature a hollowed-out design and all have a sharpened rim for drilling through paper. All drill bits also need to be waxed and occasionally sharpened. So what are the different types of bits?

List Of Most Common Paper Drill Bits

  • Types of Paper Drill BitsStyle A (found here) – This type of drill bit is generally used for Lassco Spinnit, Challenge, Climax, EBM, Casco, Ottawa, Rosback and other drill bits. It features one of the widest shanks of all the paper drill bits.
  • Style F (found here) – This drill bit features the most slender shank of all the paper drill bits we carry. It is primarily used by the File Pecker line of paper drills, including the FP-60 and the FP-IVT.
  • Style J (found here) – This is one of the least common paper drill bits we offer. It is primarily used with Martin Yale and LIHIT paper drills.
  • Style K (found here) – This drill bit is slender and is primarily used with the Model 202 and some Challenge brand paper drills.
  • Style L (found here) – This drill bit is very similar in appearance to the Style A. It is designed to be used with Lassco Spinnit paper drills.

Most of our paper drill bits are made by Lassco and are made from high-quality metal, designed to hold up with continued use. We also offer drill wax here and paper drill sharpeners here.

If you’re having trouble tracking down a paper drill bit for your machine, call us at 1-800-658-8788 and we may be able to track down what you’re looking for.

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