Widmer N-3 Automatic Numbering Machine Review

Widmer N-3 Automatic Electric Numbering MachineNumbering documents, carbonless forms and other paper material is an important part of document control and critical to many business operations. One easy way to number documents is to use a numbering machine. Electric numbering machines speed up this process. One electric machine you may want to look at is the popular Widmer N-3 numbering machine (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the N-3 is an electric-powered numbering machine. Very little training or skills are need to operate it. Simply plug it into the wall (110-120 volt supply) and you’re ready to start stamping.

Widmer N-3 Numbering Machine Stamp SampleThe standard version of the N-3 comes with a printing head equipped with 6 wheels. Continuous use of the N-3 will advance the wheel with each stamp. You can get the N-3 in a consecutive, duplicate, triplicate or a quadruplicate action (but not a combination of these).

Upon request, the N-3 can be made with a combination of numbers, letters and dash wheels (up to 11 total wheels). For custom pricing on modified N-3 numbering machines, call us at 1-800-658-8788. It can also be set up wit ha repeat switch and a guide platform. A wide variety of custom modifications can be made to the N-3, so feel free to call us and ask us what may or may not be possible.

The N-3 is primarily used to stamp invoices, purchase orders and other documents. This helps save you money by cutting out the need to order pre-numbered forms. It is commonly used by our customers to control paperwork flow.

Activating the N-3 is simple. A trigger switch activates the machine. Simply take your paper, insert it into the N-3 and it will automatically stamp the paper. This trigger can be adjusted to accommodate positioning on the paper. The crash head pressure can be adjusted to accommodate carbonized and carbonless forms.

The N-3 case is very easy to open, making components easy to access and clean. This also makes changing the printing ribbon extremely easy.

As is the case with most Widmer stamping and dating machines, the build quality is great. The N-3 features durable metal construction and high-quality parts. This machine is definitely an affordable numbering machine option, especially compared to the other stuff out there.

You can find the Widmer N-3 numbering machine here. You can find our entire selection of numbering machines and equipment here.

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