Widmer S-3 Automatic Document & Check Signer Review

Widmer S-3 Automatic Check & Document SignerDo you need to quickly (and affordably) sign checks and documents? Many high-end machines cost thousands of dollars, but what if you don’t need something for signing thousands of checks a day? The Widmer S-3 check and document signer (found here) may be just what you need. This is my review.

To begin with, Widmer is a well-known manufacturer of check signers, numbering machines, text stamps and many other products. Widmer’s products are regarded as being some of the best in their class.

The S-3 document and check signer is extremely popular with our customers, due in part to the fact that the machine is one of the most affordable signers in its class. The S-3 can essentially sign checks and documents as quickly as the operator can feed material into the machine.

Unlike many automated machines, the S-3 features a micro trigger that signs documents once paper is inserted. While not the fastest signer in the market, compared to auto-feed machines, it is remarkably fast and can keep up with hundreds of signatures a day.

The crash head pressure can be adjusted to accommodate carbonized and carbonless forms. The micro trigger can also be adjusted, making it possible to adjust where the signature is stamped on the document.

So how does the S-3 work? It is pretty simple. Prior to use, the S-3 must be fitted with a signature plate. The signature plate has to be made upon the purchase of the machine, although additional signatures can be purchased later. The signature plate is driven by an electric motor. You can get single, double and triple signature plates for the S-3.

Getting the S-3 up and running literally takes just seconds. No special training or skills are required to use the S-3. It has a small footprint, measuring in at just 7 ¼” high x 4 ¾” wide by 10″ deep. It weighs in at 18 pounds, so it is pretty easy to pick up and move to another desk.

Security shouldn’t be a concern. The S-3 features a dual locking system. Access to the case is restricted by a lock and machine use requires a key. This helps to prevent unauthorized access.

I can tell you that we have had great success with the S-3. Our customers are happy with it and I’m not aware of any having been returned. It should easily last you for years. The only maintenance it will require is the occasional changing of the printing ribbon. The S-3 is also available as the SX-3, which features a slightly larger guide and work surface.

I highly recommend the Widmer S-3 for light to medium-volume stamping. You can find the Widmer S-3 check and document signer here. You can find our entire selection of check and document signers here.

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