Best Thermal Binding Machines – Our Top 2 Picks

Fellowes Helios Thermal Binding MachinesWhile thermal binding is nowhere near as popular as comb, wire or coil binding, it is still very popular and, in my personal opinion, looks really nice. Covers are already pre-made, which means you don’t have to track down report covers or backings for books.

Thermal binding is easy. Simply take your paper, place it in a thermal cover and let the machine do the rest. So which thermal binding machine is the best to use?

When it comes to thermal binding machines, there is really only one brand that hits the mark every time. This brand is Fellowes. Fellowes, known for making all sorts of shredders, also makes some of the best thermal binding machines available today.

Here are the best-rated thermal binding machines we offer:

Both of these machines are simple to use. The end results look great, and as mentioned earlier, the process is extremely easy.

You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here.

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