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David-Link DL-800 Digital Punch Time Clock Review

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

David-Link DL-800 Digital Punch Time Clokc & RecorderIf you’re a small business, on a tight budget or want a no-nonsense time clock, you may want to consider using the David-Link DL-800 digital punch time clock (found here). This compact little device has become very popular for several different reasons. This is my review.

David-Link, as a company, has proven itself to be a solid and reliable manufacturer of employee, digital and biometric time clocks. One of David-Link’s biggest advantages is their excellent price to value ration. You truly can get more time clock for your dollar with David-Link machines.

The DL-800 is a prime example of excellent value for your money. Value and price are two of the reasons this particular model is such a hit with our small business customers. This clock is far superior versus handwriting time worked, and makes payroll easier.

The David-Link DL-800 is packed with features. To begin with, the DL-800 is both a digital and a punch time clock. The digital LCD readout is large and the time clock includes a built in computer that helps you track early punches, late punches and streamlines the payroll process. The DL-800 displays the time and date and includes a perpetual calendar.

The DL-800 is a punch time clock because it physically stamps the time onto a time card. This includes an auto to-loading slot that automatically detects cards as they are placed inside. A dual-color ink ribbon (Red / Black) makes it easy to track down late punches, early punches and helps to cut down on payroll errors.

Time clock fraud is cut down with the DL-800 thanks to password protection. Only an authorized “admin” person can make changes to the date and the time. The DL-800 makes it easy to adjust the pay period. This includes daily, monthly, weekly or bi-weekly pay periods.

Not only is the DL-800 accurate and affordable, it also features a high-quality build. It looks great and fits in nicely with existing office décor. The DL-800 is primarily designed for tabletop use.

If you are a small business or are an organization in need of an affordable employee time clock, I highly recommend using the David-Link DL-800.

You can find the David-Link DL-800 digital punch time clock here. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks here.

MBM 307A Programmable Paper Folding Machine Review

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

MBM 307A Programmable Paper Folding MachineIf you’re a big fan of the popular MBM 207M paper folding machine, chances are pretty good you’re going to love the MBM 307A programmable paper folding machine (found here). Build using a similar design, the 307A is one of the most popular automatic letter folding machines on the market. Popularity isn’t always everything though. So is this machine worth buying? This is my review.

To begin with, MBM is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end office equipment around. They make the Destroyit paper shredder line and the very popular Triumph and Kutrimmer lines of paper cutters. In line with their other products, the MBM paper folding machines have become a classic.

The MBM 307A, first and foremost, features an all-metal build. The machine has some heft to it (weighing in at 82 pounds shipped). The build quality becomes quite apparent once you start using it. This machine is built for the long haul. I don’t foresee anyone having issues with this machine.

A total of three friction wheels and two folding plates help create the folds. The feed tray holds up to 450 sheets of standard copy paper. Once on, the machine pulls a sheet off the stack and bounces it off of those two folding plates, causing the paper to be folded between the internal rollers. The end result is a clean, crisp and accurate fold.

The 307A is an automatic folding machine that has been pre-programmed with 6 common folds. This means setting up the 307A will take just seconds. Simply select the fold you want and the folding plates will self adjust themselves. It is that easy. Once set, folding is as easy as pressing the “start” button.

While this folding machine can create 6 common folds, including a letter and accordion fold, it can also be used to create custom folds. Simply make fine-tuned adjustments on the control panel. Up to 18 custom folds can be stored in the built-in memory. This machine can even handle the elusive cross fold (aka French fold).

The MBM 307A boasts some pretty impressive features. This includes the ability to fold paper as thin as 12 lbs up to 80 lbs card stock. It is also able to handle paper from 3 1/2″ x 5″ to 11″ x 17″ in size. The motor runs at a speed of about 11,520 sheets per hour. A built-in LED screen keeps count of folded sheets. An optional perforator and scoring wheel can be added in the factory upon request.

The exit tray uses a conveyor style system. This means as the paper is ejected from the folding machine, it is collected by a moving conveyor. This helps to keep the paper neat and organized. A conveyor exit tray is a must-have feature for those folding invoices, bills and other paper that needs to be kept in alphanumerical order.

Overall the MBM 307A automatic programmable tabletop folding machine is an impressive piece of engineering and is a great machine to use in just about any businesses, church, school or other organization. I personally love this machine and highly recommend it for medium to higher-volume jobs.

You can find the MBM 307A programmable paper folding machine here. You can find our entire lineup of paper folding machines here.

Do you have a question about the MBM 307A or one of its features? Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. We are more than happy to help you out.

Time Clock Cheating & Fraud Methods Exposed

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Employee Time Clocks & RecordersIf you run, own or manage a business, you probably use a time clock and want your employees to work the hours they’re supposed to. One of the biggest problems many businesses face is time clock cheating and fraud. Here is a list of some of the most common methods used by dishonest employees and ways to combat them.

Combating Time Clock Fraud

  • Buddy Punching – Buddy punching occurs when one employee punches in on behalf of another. This is the most common method dishonest employees use to swindle businesses.
    • Solution: The best way to combat this problem is to either frequently examine time cards, to install a camera near the time clock or to use a biometric time clock. Biometric time clocks provide one of the best ways to cut down on time clock fraud.
  • Number Manipulation – Number manipulation occurs when an employee takes a legitimately punched / stamped time card and tries to change the numbers by using a pencil or a pen that closely matches the ink color made by the time clock.
    • Solution: The only way this type of time clock fraud can be prevented is by frequently examining the time cards or by using a digital time clock system. Digital time recorders and clocks are much more difficult to manipulate than an analog clock.
  • Time Clock Manipulation – Time clock manipulation occurs when an employee gains access to the setup of the time clock, usually adjusting the time and punching their card.
    • Solution: This type of fraud can be prevented by using a time clock with a secure lock or one that requires admin privileges to set up. A strategically placed security camera will also prevent manipulation and acts as a great deterrent. Keeping the time clock in plain site of others can also act as a deterrent.
  • Manual Time Recording – While it is understandable that many small businesses keep track of time via manual writing or the “honor system,” this method of keeping track of employee is writhe with potential fraud.
    • Solution: It is recommended, even if you are a small business, to use some sort of a secure employee time clock. This will at least cut down on errors caused by bad handwriting and will at most cut down on potential fraud.
  • Unsecured Computer – Many time clock systems are now set via software. Employees punch in and out by logging into a computer. While more difficult to manipulate, an unsecured computer may be manipulated to adjust hours worked.
    • Solution: Keeping a computer in plain site or in a secure location will help combat this problem. It is also a good idea to be sure administrator rights are enabled and that time manipulation cannot be conducted without a password. Be sure passwords are unique and difficult to figure out.

    Ultimately these practices will not guarantee honest employees, but it will still help cut down on a lot of fraud. You can find secure employee time clocks here.

    Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any time clock related questions.

    David-Link DL-958 Biometric Time Clock Review

    Monday, December 6th, 2010

    David-Link DL-958 Employee Biometric Time ClockFinding a reliable and easy-to-use employee time clock is now a little bit easier, thanks in part to the recently released David-Link DL-958 biometric time clock. Not only is this time clock reliable, it also features biometric scanning, making it easier for employees to log in and out of work and helping cut down on time clock fraud. This is my review.

    The David-Link DL-958 has now been out for about half a year and it has quickly become one of the most popular biometric time clocks around. I have personally used many biometric time clocks and the DL-958 has to be one of the fastest around. A single fingerprint image scan takes less than 1.2 seconds. The built-in storage holds up to 3,000 fingerprints.

    Unlike many biometric time clocks that require you to slide your finger, the DL-958 only requires that you place your finger on the scanner. Many biometric time clocks require a finger to be scanned multiple times (not by design). The DL-958 gets finger scans done right every time. I tried myself to scan my finger about 10 times in a row, and the DL-958 was dead on accurate every time.

    Data retrieval is easy. The DL-958 has both RS-232 and RS-485 connectivity, making it easy to download data onto a computer. Included software makes it easy to view employee records and data on a computer. Data can be exported for viewing in Excel or as a stand-alone text file.

    No worries if you don’t want to use a computer. The DL-958 can also be used as a stand-alone time clock. Data is stored locally on the DL-958 and can be retrieved and viewed by authorized personnel.

    While the DL-958 is primarily designed for use as a biometric time clock, it also includes a handy control panel with numbers. This allows an employer to also permit employees to check in and out by use of a Pin Number, if so desired.

    Both versatility, extreme affordability and easy-of-use make the David-Link DL-958 a great option. I personally like the DL-958 and consider the entire line of David-Link time clocks to be a great value. The price to value ratio can’t be beat.

    You can find the David-Link DL-958 biometric time clock here. You can find our entire selection of David-Link time clocks here and employee time clocks here.

    Federal Government Shuts Down $100 Bill Printing Presses

    Monday, December 6th, 2010

    I was just reading a really good article by Zachary Roth and thought it seemed applicable to this blog, especially since we deal with a lot of counterfeit money detectors. As we all know, counterfeit money is a huge problem. It costs businesses a lot of money in lost profit and revenue. There is a new problem out there, and it has to do with the $100 bill.

    New $100 U.S. Bill

    To try and make the $100 bill more difficult to copy, the U.S. Treasure and Federal Reserve have created a new $100 bill, 10 years in the making. This new bill contains high-tech features such as a 3D security strip, a color-shifting image of a bell and much more. In fact, these new bills were to be the first ever to include the Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s signature.

    Something went wrong during the printing process. Apparently these new bills are so high-tech the machines that print them couldn’t handle it. Apparently several bills (about 1 billion of them) creased during the printing process, creating a big mess. The problem is that these “goofed” bills now constitute 10% of the $100 bills out there, which is about $110 billion of the $930 billion out there.

    As a result of this issue, the printing presses have been stopped as the issue is being fixed. The Federal Government is now trying to track down all these bills. According to Zachary Roth’s article, it would take an estimated 20 to 30 years to weed out the defective bills by hand.

    This process is being shrunk down to about a year, thanks to some high-tech equipment. Sadly, it will probably cost the government billions to track down these bad bills.

    At this point I’m not sure if this will cause a problem with counterfeit detectors, although none of our manufacturers have indicated that this has caused any issues. Most of our counterfeit bill detectors are capable of detecting fake $100 bills in just seconds.

    The good news, I suppose, is that these messed-up $100 bills will probably be huge collectors’ items and will be worth a lot more later on down the road.

    You can find our entire selection of bill counters here and counterfeit bill detectors here.

    Hot Wire Foam Cutter Tips & Advice

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Hot Wire Foam Cutters from RiemaWhether you need to cut foam packaging to fit a product, or are in the stucco business, you can probably benefit from using a hot wire foam cutter. This useful little machines are compact, portable and can even be used on-site for construction purposes. Here are a few things you may not know about our hot wire foam cutters.

    To begin with, we carry a wide variety of hot wire foam cutters from Riema. These cutters are German engineered for perfection, and to be honest, they are really easy to use. One thing Riema focuses on is the ability to create multiple precise cuts on a single foam block.

    Riema hot wire foam cutters are set up on sturdy ball bearing rail tracks that are dead-on accurate. This makes strait cuts fast and easy and the end results look professional. These hot wire cutters also make angled cuts extremely easy and accurate.

    Hot Wire Foam Cutter Cutting Examples

    Our line of hot wire foam cutters is very portable. The high-end Riema L-G-S 135R even includes wheels for easy portability. These hot wire cutters can be used in a vertical or horizontal position and make it easy to cut on a worktable, counter or other surface.

    The hot wire on the Riema foam cutters is safe. It heats up quickly for cuts and cools down equally as fast for safe handling.

    What if you need to cut a unique foam piece for custom packaging? No worries. Riema hot wire foam cutters allow the hot wire lever to become disconnected from the base for freeform foam cutting. This makes it possible to cut foam at just about any angle in just about any position.

    We currently carry three Riema hot wire foam cutters. They are as follows:

    The quality of these hot wire foam cutters is unsurpassed. Feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives with any questions by calling 1-800-658-8788. Be sure to check out our hot wire foam cutter index. Have a great day!

    Best Thermal Binding Machines – Our Top 2 Picks

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Fellowes Helios Thermal Binding MachinesWhile thermal binding is nowhere near as popular as comb, wire or coil binding, it is still very popular and, in my personal opinion, looks really nice. Covers are already pre-made, which means you don’t have to track down report covers or backings for books.

    Thermal binding is easy. Simply take your paper, place it in a thermal cover and let the machine do the rest. So which thermal binding machine is the best to use?

    When it comes to thermal binding machines, there is really only one brand that hits the mark every time. This brand is Fellowes. Fellowes, known for making all sorts of shredders, also makes some of the best thermal binding machines available today.

    Here are the best-rated thermal binding machines we offer:

    Both of these machines are simple to use. The end results look great, and as mentioned earlier, the process is extremely easy.

    You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here.

    Best Prices On Book Binding Machine Supplies

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Book Binding Machine Supplies from ABC OfficeIt’s a bold statement to make, but I feel safe in saying that we offer some of the best prices and widest selection of comb, wire and coil binding supplies available online. I’ll explain why you should consider buying your comb, wire and coil supplies from us.

    Unlike many online office equipment dealers, we actually stock our own binding supplies in our own warehouse. We have tens of thousands of square feet of warehouse space stocked with supplies and equipment. This means that when you place an order with us, your binding supplies will ship out within 24 hours and should arrive to you within a week (often sooner), depending on where you live.

    Many other online dealers drop-ship their binding supplies. This means they ship it from other people’s warehouses and are subject to their rules and conditions. This also means that they have little control over shipping speed and supply stock.

    We actually manufacture many of the supplies we offer. This means that we are able to offer you some excellent “wholesale” prices. We are especially good at giving you a bulk discount rate. You can request your discounted “bulk” binding supply prices from us by calling 1-800-658-8788.

    As mentioned before, we stock most colors and sizes of comb, wire and coil binding supplies. You can find them here:

    Binding doesn’t have to be expensive. It should be fun, hassle-free and dependable. You can view our entire selection of binding machines and supplies by visiting us here.

    Best Binding Machine For Presentations

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Presentation Wire Binding MachinesPeople are binding a lot of thing these days. This ranges from cookbooks to scrapbooks and manuals to archived documents. So which binding machine is best for binding a presentation? There are a lot of opinions out there on this subject. Here are my recommendations.

    To begin with, presentations are often intended for the most professional situations. People often use presentations for selling products or ideas. A badly bound or bad looking presentation can often leave a bad impression.

    To date, the most popular binding machine for binding presentations is the wire binder. Wire binding, sometimes called twin-loop or double-loop binding, has a clean and tight look to it. Pages turn nicely and the wide range of colored wire available makes color coordination a piece of cake.

    You can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here and wire binding supplies here.

    Wire Binding Supplies / Twin Loop Wire

    Black seems to be the wire color of choice. This is not only because black has a regal quality to it, but black also matches well with almost any back or front cover.

    Most people use some sort of card stock for the backing of the presentation and then utilize a clear cover for the front. You can find our card stock here and our clear covers here. Bound presentations usually do not exceed a ¼: thickness, however, wire can be used to bind thicker documents.

    Be aware that wire binding is available in 3 different hole patterns. The most popular are 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch) and 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) hole patterns. The Spiral-O 19-ring hole pattern is the least common. I have found that 3:1 pitch seems to be the most popular for presentations.

    Other machines that our customers have used to bind presentations include coil binding machines, VeloBind machines and comb binding machines. I would have to say that VeloBind probably comes in 2nd, coil binding 3rd and comb binding 4th in popularity for presentation binding.

    You can find our entire selection of binding machines here. You can find our report and presentation covers here. Good luck binding your presentations. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 with questions or for advice on presentation binding machines.

    Top 7 Best Electric Crash Numbering Machines

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Lassco Number-All W200 Electric Crash Numbering MachineCrash numbering machines come in many shapes, designs and formats. Some are as simple as a handheld device that is manually applied to documents, where others are highly automated. So which crash numbering machine is the best? While it is pretty tough to say that any one machine is the best out there, I can tell you which models are a hit with our customers.

    After doing a little research, I have come up with a list of the top 7 best crash numbering machines (according to our customers). Most of these machines will work with carbonized and carbonless forms. Most of these numbering machines feature sequential and duplicate capabilities. Here you go!

    Top 7 Best Electric Crash Numbering Machines

    1. Widmer N-3 Electric Crash Numbering Machine
    2. Lassco Number-All W200 Electric Crash Numbering Machine
    3. Widmer N-3 Electric Crash Date Stamp & Numbering Machine
    4. Lassco W100-3 Number-Rite Industrial Crash Numbering Machine
    5. Acroprint EN Electric Crash Numbering Machine
    6. Acroprint END Electric Crash Date Stamp & Numbering Machine
    7. Count Tablematic Plus Industrial Crash Numbering Machine

    All 7 of these crash head numbering machines are top-notch machines. These have proven themselves to be reliable, easy-to-use and effective at numbering documents. Most have customizable settings, which makes it easy to position the number on a document.

    You can find our entire selection of crash numbering machines here. If you have any questions on any of the models listed above, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

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