Top 5 Best Long Reach Staplers

Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Electric StaplerA long reach stapler is a stapler capable of punching at least 4 or more inches into a sheet of paper. These handy staplers are able to staple paper where most handheld and desktop staplers can’t. We have been selling long reach staplers for years now and have a pretty good idea what does and does not work.

While we offer dozens of different models of office staplers, we have come up with a list of the 5 most popular long reach staplers that we offer. Two of these staplers stand above the rest. All 5 of these staplers have an excellent track record with our customers, have been proven over time and are extremely durable.

Top 5 Best Long Reach Staplers

Kings Of Long Reach Stapling

  1. Skrebba W117L Long Reach Stapler – With a 10″ stapling depth, few staplers can compete with the reach of the Skrebba W117L. This stapler has always been popular. Not only does it have a long throat depth, it can also staple up to 120 sheets of paper at a time.
  2. Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Electric Stapler – With a 9 ¼” stapling depth, few other electric staplers even come close to accomplishing what the Staplex S-700-1NHL can do. Not only can it reach where other staplers can’t, but it can also staple up to 40 sheets of paper at once.

Other Popular Long Reach Staplers

  1. Staplex HD-150P Heavy-Duty Stapler
  2. Staplex HD-350 Heavy-Duty Stapler
  3. Staplex HD High-Capacity Stapler

Do you notice a trend here? That’s right! Staplex is by far one of the most popular brands of staplers we offer. American made, Staplex staplers far outlast the foreign competition.

You can find our entire selection of office staplers here.

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