Best Legal Size Paper Folding Machines

Legal Size Paper Folding MachineDo you need to fold legal size 8 ½” x 14″ paper, but all the machines you are looking at are designed for standard 8 ½” x 11” paper? I have come up with a list of some popular legal size paper folding machines (according to our customers). Not only do these machines fold legal size paper, they are good at it.

Legal size paper, as you probably already know, is as wide as standard paper, but slightly longer. This means the folding machine has to have slightly longer folding plates to accommodate the added length.

These paper folders have proven themselves time and time again to handle legal size paper well. These machines will allow you to letter fold (C Fold), accordion fold (Z Fold) and single fold (V Fold) legal size paper.

Best Legal Size Paper Folding Machines (Friction Feed)

  1. Intelli-Fold DE-102AF Paper Folder
  2. MBM 87M Paper Folding Machine
  3. Intelli-Fold DE-202AF Paper Folder
  4. Formax FD 312 Paper Folding Machine
  5. Tamerica TPF-42 Letter Folding Machine
  6. Intelli-Fold DE-322AF Paper Folder
  7. MBM 207M High Speed Letter Folder
  8. Martin Yale 959 High-Capacity Paper Folding Machine

These paper folders have proven themselves time and time again that they are capable of quickly and professionally folding legal size paper. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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