Best Paper Shredder Security Level For The Office

Intelli-Shred IS120 Level 3 Cross Cut Paper ShredderSo you need to get a paper shredder for your office, but you’re not sure which security level is the best for your situation. You’re not alone. Many people aren’t sure which security level to go with. There are a total of 6 different security levels to choose from. Unless you are making hamster bedding or are a top security government agency, one particular security level should work well for most situations.

To begin with, there are 6 different security levels. Security level 1 is the weakest with security level 6 being the most secure. Strip cut paper shredders typically fall under the level 1 or 2 security level. Dust up to tiny 1mm x 5mm particles typically fall under the level 6 category.

The most common security level is the level 3 security level. These are the DIN 32757 specifications for what is considered to be a security level 3:

Security Level 3
Designed for shredding confidential documents and personal data.


  • (Approximately 1/16″ Strip Cut)
  • (Approximately 1/8″ x 1 1/8 to 1/8″ x  2″ Cross Cut)


  • (1.9mm Strip Cut)
  • (3.9mm x 30 up to 3.9 x 50mm Cross Cut)

Cross cut particles and tiny 1/16″ strips are very difficult to read and are almost impossible to re-assemble. This level can be used for shredding just about anything and is 100% FACTA compliant.

Level 3 shredders are common, affordable and can be used without worry at home or in the office. These types of shredders provide the best blend of security and affordability. Many can even shred credit cards and CDs.

You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here. You can read more about paper shredder security levels by reading our paper shredder guide here.  Do you still have questions about paper shredder security levels? Feel free to call one of our paper shredder experts at 1-800-658-8788.

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