Best PVC Cards For Digital Photo ID Printers

CR80 Blank 30 Mil PVC ID CardsThere are a lot of different sizes and colors of PVC cards available today for creating photo ID cards. A lot of people get confused as to which size, thickness and style they should use. Here is the advice I give our customers.

To begin with, most ID card printers print on plastic PVC cards. The size that is most common is referred to as a CR-80. This size is exactly the same size as a credit card. It fits in most badge holders, can be slot punched for use with lanyards and continues to be the best all-round size for ID cards.

The thickness of PVC ID cards is measured in mils. A mil is a thousandth of an inch. The most common thickness of ID card used today is 30 mils thick. As with the size, the 30 mil thickness is the same as a credit card.

So why do we offer thinner 10 mil cards? For one, they cost less and are nice for temporary ID cards. The most common use of the 10 mil ID card, however, is with proximity cards.

We offer a 10 mil thick CR-80 that has an adhesive back. What many people do is print their ID on the 10-mil adhesive card and then stick it on the surface of a thicker proximity card. This is a great way to put an ID on a proximity or key card.

CR-80 PVC cards are available in multiple colors, but white continues to be the most popular color. White cards, much like white paper, allow the printing of just about anything. Blank PVC cards are also available with magnetic stripes (high & low coercivity) for encoding data and information. Most of our CR-80 cards ship in 500 or 1,000 quantity boxes.

You can find our entire selection of blank CR-80 PVC ID cards here. You can also find our entire selection of digital photo ID printers here.

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