Bill Counters With Dust Extractors, Shields & Filters

Bill Counter With Dust Extractor & ShieldThere are a log of bill counters out on the market, some of which tout features like dust extractors, shields and filters. So do you really need these special filters to properly count money? I’ll explain why you may or may not want these features.

To begin with, money is dirty. Just think about where it has been. It sits at the bottom of purses, in wallets, on the floor, floating around in a pocket next to who knows what. Money contains germs, dust, trace elements of narcotics and more.

As money runs through a bill counter, particles on the bills can become loosened and become airborne. I have found that this dust can agitate people who suffer from respiratory ailments and allergies. Most people, however, won’t notice much difference.

If you are sensitive to dust, I do highly recommend using a bill counter with either a dust extractor, a shield or a combination of both.

Dust extractors on bill counters are fairly rare, however, manufacturers like Cassida and Semacon both manufacture counters with dust extracting filters.  The Semacon S-1400 series of bill counters are prime examples of machines that combine both dust extractors and shields.

Another great option, that is more common than dust extractors, is a protective shield. Bill counters with shields have a special plastic cover that is pulled down during the counting process. This keeps bill dust from becoming airborne.

I wouldn’t count a bill counter out for not having these features as I don’t personally notice a difference either way, but it is nice to be aware of your options.

You can find our entire selection of bill counters here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any bill counter questions.

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