How To Attach A Lanyard To An ID Badge Or Card

Handheld Slot Punches with GuideDo you manage an office, run a business or have employees that need to attach a lanyard to an ID card or badge? Try as you might, a hole punch simply is not going to cut it (pardon the pun). What you are going to need is what’s known as a slot punch.

Slot punches are designed to punch a rectangular-shaped hole, typical 1/8″ tall by ½” wide. These slots are designed to accept most normal-sized lanyards, badge straps and badge reels. Slot punches are extremely easy to use.

If you are only cutting a few ID badges a day, you’ll be fine with a handheld slot punch. If you plan on punching hundreds to thousands a day, you may want to consider an electric-powered slot punch.

Slot punches, depending on the model, are also available with and without guides. The advantage of a guide is that it makes alignment easy and center slot punching a piece of cake.

Most slot punches can handle CR-80 PVC cards and some of the more robust models can even slot punch proximity cards.

You can find our entire selection of manual and electric slot punches here. You can find our entire selection of lanyards, badge clips and badge reels here.

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