MBM Kutrimmer 1043 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

MBM Kutrimmer 1043 Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need a high-efficiency guillotine paper cutter that is in a 17″ length? If so, one model you should look at is the MBM Kutrimmer 1043 guillotine paper cutter (found here). I have had hands-on experience using this cutter and this is my review.

Kutrimmer (by IDEAL) can safely be called the kings of guillotine paper cutters. Along with Dahle, Kutrimmer makes some of the most reputable and well-known metal guillotine cutters around. These German engineered and German built guillotines come in a variety of sizes.

The Kutrimmer 1043 stack cutter is a 17″ long cutter.  That means it can handle and cut most photographs, letter-size paper, card stock and other documents. The 17″ length is ideal for multi-purpose cutting.

The build and construction of the 1043 is impressive. Not only is it all metal, it is made from heavy gauge metal. There is no cheap sheet metal in the 1043. It weighs in at 26 pounds shipped, which gives you an idea on the tough build. It can be set on just about any desk. I have personally picked it up and moved it around. I feel that most people should be fine moving it on their own.

The blade is made from Solingen steel. That means that it is designed to hold its sharp edge for longer. Even better, the blade is designed to be re-sharpened. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Kutrimmer 1043 has a 30 sheet cutting capacity. This capacity is based on standard copy paper. For a guillotine, 30 sheets is pretty impressive. It should be able to handle most cutting jobs out there.

Cuts on the 1043 are straight and true every time. While the quality blade has a lot to do with this, the clamp really helps out. While the blade is cutting the paper, the clamp keeps the paper from moving around. This eliminates annoying crooked cuts and keeps things squared up.

Setting up the Kutrimmer 1043 is very easy. A side guide slides back and forth and can be tightened down easily once you have determined where the cut needs to be. The base of the cutter is printed with common cutting sizes, making common cuts easy and simple.

A transparent Lexan safety guard keeps fingers out of the way during cutting. This is a huge improvement over the older traditional wood base guillotines.

Overall I highly recommend the Kutrimmer 1043 and give it a solid 4 out of 4 stars. I really like Kutrimmer and they have hit the mark with the 1043.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1043 guillotine paper cutter and our entire selection of MBM Kutrimmer guillotine trimmers here.

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