Paper Folder Is Folding Crooked. Why?

Duplo Paper Folding MachinesI had a customer inquire today as to why their Duplo paper folding machine was folding paper crooked. There are several possible reasons for this. Upon further discussion, we figured out what was wrong with the machine and fixed the problem. Here are the questions I asked our customer that will probably help you out as well.

What Type Of Paper Are You Folding?

  • I have found that folding paper that is thicker than what your machine can handle, or glossy paper on a friction feed machine, can cause paper to be folded crooked. If this is the case, you may need to change the type of paper you are using or get a machine that can handle the paper you need folded.

Does Your Machine Use Manual Folding Plates?

  • If your machine uses manual folding plates, it is possible that the plate has been locked into place crooked. This is probably one of the most common reasons paper is folded crooked. If this is the case, re-adjust your folding plates.

Is Your Feed Tray Aligned Correctly?

  • A malaligned feed tray will cause paper to be feed at an angle, resulting in a crooked fold. Be sure your feed tray side guides are straight and aligned.

Does Your Machine Have A Skew Adjustment Wheel?

  • Some higher-end paper folding machines have a skew adjustment wheel that can be turned and adjusted, which easily straightens out crooked folds.

Have You Cleaned Your Folding Machine Recently?

  • Folding machines accumulate dust and ink on the rubber rollers after prolonged use. This causes paper to slip and be folding incorrectly. I recommend cleaning these wheels (using roller cleaner rejuvenator) every week (if being used daily and continuously).

These are a few of the most common questions I ask when a customer is having paper folding issues. Hopefully these helped you out. If you are still having problems, even after going using these suggestions, you may need your paper folding machine serviced. We have a Service Department that should be able to help. For paper folding machine repairs, contact our Service Department by calling 800-658-8788.

If for any reason you need a new machine, you can find our great selection of paper folding machines here.

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