Plastic Binding Combs Won’t Close

Plastic Binding Combs and SuppliesWhile not a common problem, I have had customers complain that their plastic binding combs wouldn’t close all the way. There is a very simple explanation and solution for this annoying problem.

I have personally found that in 90% of the cases where plastic binding combs wouldn’t close all the way had to do with the fact that the customer was over extending the combs when opening them. This typically happens with smaller diameter combs.

Most binding machines allow the operator to adjust the comb opener based on the diameter of the comb. This is done precisely for the very reason that opening a comb too far will cause the plastic to bend too much, preventing the comb from naturally recoiling back into its natural shape.

If your plastic binding comb is bent out of shape, you can sometimes manually close each of the 19 rings individually, bending them back into place. This doesn’t always work, but usually does.

In very rare cases, I have found that extremely old or sun-damaged combs will become brittle or degraded to a point where they lose their elasticity. There isn’t much you can do in this situation other than buy new combs.

In conclusion, properly setting up the comb opener will almost always solve the issue of combs not closing all the way.

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Keith Barlow

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