Ribao CS-10 Electric Coin Counter Review

Ribao CS-10 Electric Coin CounterDo you handle, count and sort hundreds or even thousands of coins per day? Rather than dealing with a sub-par department store counter, get a commercial-quality coin counting machine like the Ribao CS-10 coin counter (found here). I have had a chance to play around with this machine and this is my review.

To begin with, Ribao has a well-established name in the coin counting community. They manufacture a wide range of coin counters, with the CS-10 being one of their entry-level models. Ribao is known for making high quality and accurate products.

The CS-10 is capable of handling just about any coin counting job. Setting it up is easy. To begin with, the CS-10 has a built in cover that folds open, acting as a coin hopper. This is a pretty cool feature and is great for storage purposes and keeping dust out of the machine. Once the lid is folded open, a couple of coin guides are twisted into place.

If you look at the top of the machines, you will see two dials on the upper right side of the machine. These dials allow you to adjust the machine to accommodate the diameter and width of the coin you need counted. Once set up, you are ready to start counting and sorting coins.

Be aware that the Ribao CS-10 only counts one denomination of coin at a time. Let’s assume you have the machine set up for quarters (25 cents). As the machine sorts through the coins placed in the tray, it will send the quarters to the front of the machine and out the front exit tube. Other coins are sent out the side of the machine into a catch tray or a bag.

You can fit the CS-10 with a tube or with a bag allowing for easy shotgun style coin tube storage or bagging. This is the perfect setup for most businesses. Once you have finished with your quarters, you can adjust the machine for nickels, dimes, pennies and more.

The CS-10 operates at an amazing speed of up to 1,800 coins per minute. This makes it easy to count, sort and store coins throughout the day. It can easily keep up with the counting and sorting needs of most businesses.

A digital display clearly lets you know the total amount of coins counted. Batch counting is also very easy on the CS-10. Simply tell it how many coins you want counted and it will shoot that amount into a bag or coin wrapper, allowing you to then remove and add another container.

Transporting the CS-10 is easy. When the cover is set back into storage mode, a handle on the back of the machine makes it easy to carry around. It weighs in at 20 pounds shipped, so it isn’t too heavy to move from one place to another.

Overall I have to say, of this style, the Ribao CS-10 is one of the most accurate machines we offer. It is easy to set up and the build quality seems to be extremely tough.

You can find the Ribao CS-10 coin counter here. You can find our entire selection of coin counting machines here.

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