Stack Paper Cutter Safety Tips & Advice

Electric Stack Paper CuttersStack paper cutters (manual, electric & hydraulic) are powerful machines. They have the force to cut through hundreds of sheets of paper, with many capable of cutting through over 3″ of paper at a time. It should come as no surprise that these machines can cause serious bodily harm if safety precautions are bypassed or are not available. Here are some of the most common safety precautions to look for in your stack paper cutter.

All Stack Paper cutters

  • All stack paper cutters should have protective shielding that prevents manual access to blades during cutting.

Manual Stack Paper Cutters

  • Manual stack paper cutters should require protective shields to be secure and in place before allowing the handle to activate the blade. All manual cutters I am aware of (Triumph, Dahle, Intimus) have this feature.

Electric & Hydraulic Stack Paper Cutters

  • Electric and hydraulic stack cutters should require two hands to activate the cutter. This usually involves two separate buttons on opposite sides of the cutter. Both buttons must be pressed at the same time, requiring two hands, in order to activate the blade.
  • Most electric and hydraulic stack paper cutters also require a key to be inserted and activated prior to use.

Additional Tips

  • Always use great caution when handling and using a stack paper cutter. While most manufacturers try to do everything possible to make these cutters safe, it is still possible to hurt yourself.
  • When conducting blade changes, be sure to use the blade removal tool (usually included with the cutter) and be sure to follow the manual.

On a side note, several years ago I was cutting some paper down into notepads on a Triumph 6550-95 electric stack cutter. I used a jogging block to square up the paper prior to cutting. Thinking everything was ready to go, I activated the cutter. I did not realize that the jogging block was still in the cutter and the blade quickly became lodged into the wooden block.

I opened up the safety shield and started trying to manually dislodge the jogging block. I was unable to remove it and the blade would not retract. I grabbed our Service Technician and had him look at it.

He quickly scolded me for being careless and told me I shouldn’t manually be trying to remove the block as that was dangerous. He proceeded to remove the cover and removed the block. When the block was removed, the cutter continued cutting downward to finish the previous cutting process. Had my hands been in the way (should I have been able to remove the jogging block myself), I could have lost a hand.

It gives me the chills to think back on that. Anyway, the lesson of the story is that you should take great caution when handling these machines. They are pretty foolproof and very safe, but you should still be very careful.

Be sure the stack paper cutter you are purchasing has proper safety features built in. You don’t want to skimp on safety.

You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any stack paper cutter questions.

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