Top 8 Most Common Types Of Paper Folds

When shopping around for a paper folding machine, you have probably seen under the specifications the various types of folds the machine can create. While this information is extremely useful, many of you may not be aware of or familiar with what these folds are. I have put together a list of the 8 most common folds used today.

Keep in mind that not all paper folding machines can create all types of folds. Some are limited to a couple of common fold types, while others are limited to specific sizes of paper. Most paper folding machines can handle what’s known as a letter fold (C Fold) and an accordion fold (Z Fold). Be aware that many of these common folds go by multiple names.

Top 8 Most Common Types Of Paper Folds

Letter Fold (C Fold)

Letter Fold

Accordion Fold (Z Fold)

Accordian Fold aka Z Fold

Single Fold (V Fold)

Single Fold aka V Fold

Double Parallel Fold

Double Parallel Fold
Engineering Fold (Half Accordion)

Engineering Fold (Half Accordion Fold)

Cross Fold (French Fold)

Cross Fold aka French Fold
Baronial Fold

Baronial Fold

Gate Fold

Gate Fold

So there you have the most common types of folds done by paper folding machines. While these are the most common folds performed by machines today, most paper folding machines can be set up for other non-traditional and custom folds.

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