What To Look For In An Automatic Letter Opener

Automatic Electric Letter OpenersDo you have stacks of letters that are piling up? Are you getting tired of manually opening letters by using a knife or handheld letter opener? You probably need to upgrade to an electric letter opener. So what should you look for in an automatic letter-opening machine? Obviously your budget will play a big roll, but you certainly want to get the best machine for your dollar.

Electric letter openers come in a variety of sizes, specifications and prices. Initially this may be a little overwhelming, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself that should help weed out the field and move the candidate list down to a few models.

How many envelopes are you opening per day?

  • You may have noticed that automatic letter openers tout a wide variety of “envelopes per hour” in their specifications. While basing a purchase off of the motor’s speed may be a good starting point, this doesn’t necessarily mean the machine can handle a large volume of envelopes. You will also want to find out the machine’s duty cycle. The duty cycle is the maximum number of envelopes the machine can handle in a month’s period of time.

How much desk space do you need?

  • Electric letter openers vary greatly in size, with some compact enough to be used on a desk, where others may need an entire work area of their own. Be sure to look at the machine’s dimensions and then determine exactly how large the machine will be in your office.

How big and how thick are the envelopes you are opening?

  • As with any office machine, letter openers have maximum and minimum specifications. Be sure the letter opener you get can handle the largest and the smallest envelopes you receive. One of the most important specifications to look at is the maximum thickness. Most letter openers handle at a 3/16″ thick envelope, but some handle more and others less.

Do you have a preference between chadless & non-chadless?

  • Some electric letter openers simply slit open an envelope, where others cut the entire end off. This is a matter of preference in most situations. Envelope openers that cut the entire end of an envelope off create more of a mess, but some people think contents are easier to remove when an envelope is opened this way. Other people prefer the mess-free chadless openers that simply slit the envelope open. Either way, the contents of the envelope will not be damaged (per design).

What is your budget?

  • Ultimately your budget will be the final decision. Finding the right machine to fit your budget can often be the biggest challenge. Our friendly office equipment specialists can help answer some of your most critical questions, especially when it comes to budgets. Our experts will not try to steer you towards the most expensive machine, rather the best fit for your needs. You can reach our experts by calling 1-800-658-788.

Hopefully this guide has helped answer some of your questions. You can find our entire selection of automatic electric letter openers here.

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