Akiles iCoil 41 Coil Binding Machine Review

Akiles iCoil 41 Coil Binding MachineDo you need a compact, all-in-one coil binding machine that includes everything you need to start book binding? One model you may want to look at is the Akiles iCoil 41 coil binding machine (found here). While new, this compact coil binder has become a hit. This is my review.

Akiles has been manufacturing coil binding machines for years. One thing I have come to expect form Akiles machine is quality. Akiles coil binders are built from the ground up with longevity in mind. I can safely say that when an Akiles machine leaves our warehouse, we rarely ever hear regarding issues or problems.

The Akiles iCoil 41 is one of the latest coil binding machines offered by Akiles. This machine is built for small office and home use. It is extremely compact with compartments and flaps that make this extremely easy to store in a cupboard or drawer.

Aesthetically the iCoil 41 looks great. It has a built in pocket that stores a pair of included coil binding pliers. A paper support folds down over the machine, protecting the punching die and electric coil inserter from dust while not in use.

The iCoil 41 punches paper in a 4:1 pitch hole pattern. This means that holes are punched every 4 holes per inch. This is by far the most popular coil binding hole pattern used today.

The Akiles iCoil 41 can manually punch up to 15 sheets of 20# paper at a time. For as small and compact as this binding machine is, 15 sheets isn’t bad. I still recommend scaling that number back a few sheets to prolong the life of the machine.

Once all the sheets have been punched, coils are easily inserted thanks to an electric coil inserter. You’ll notice on the picture of this machine that the electric coil inserter is only a few inches wide. This is OK though as you don’t need much to spin the coil.

The iCoil 41 includes a foot pedal that turns the inserter on and off. When it comes to inserting coils, having both hands free is a huge plus. Few machines in this affordable price range include a foot pedal. Once the coil has been inserted, the open ends can be quickly crimped off with the included

Not only does the Akiles iCoil include all the bells and whistles, it also includes charts and guides on the machine that make machine operation and supply selection easy.

I personally give the Akiles iCoil 41 high marks. While it shouldn’t be used for more than medium-volume binding, it is perfect for home and small office use.

You can find the Akiles iCoil 41 coil binding machine here and our entire selection of coil book binding machines here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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