Best Gauge Of Shrink Wrap Film

Best Gauge Of Shrink Wrap FilmI have customers ask me at least a couple of times a week which gauge of shrink wrap film is the best to use. I always answer that question with my own question, “what will you be shrink wrapping?” Answers to this question will help you determine the optimal gauge of shrink film you will need for your packaging projects.

There are two primary types of shrink wrap film. These are PVC film and Polyolefin (Poly) shrink wrap film. Both types of film are made from high quality materials. Both films have similar shrinking temperatures and can be used universally on most shrink wrap machines.  Both of these films are usually available in a centerfold roll format.

PVC film is old school, having been around for some time. PVC shrink wrap film has a harder texture to it and is commonly used for packaging DVDs, CDs, boxes and other material.

Polyolefin film is a little newer than PVC. While it can still be used to package DVDs, boxes and other retail goods, it is also food safe. Poly film also has a more stretchy quality to it than PVC film.

The gauge of shrink wrap defines the thickness of the film. The higher the number, the thicker the film. Many people think that they need a thicker film simply because thicker has to be better, right? I tell most people that they will be fine with thinner gauge film

Thicker gauge film is best used for bundling multiple products together, where the chance of the film bursting or tearing open is higher.

PVC film typically comes in 75 gauge and 100 gauge thicknesses. The 75 gauge continues to be the most popular thickness.

Polyolefin film usually comes in 60 gauge, 75 gauge and 100 gauge thicknesses. Since Polyolefin film is stretchier than PVC film (and tears less easily), you can usually get away with the 60 gauge film without any problems.

You can find our entire selection of PVC shrink wrap film here and Polyolefin shrink wrap film here. If you’re in need of a machine, you can find our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here.

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