Best Way To Package Cake Clamshells

Minipack Galileo Shrink Wrap Machine & PackagingI had a customer ask me today if we offered a machine that could be used to package cake clamshells. I informed her that we had several machines that would work, but I needed to ask a few questions first. We ended up settling on a shrink wrap machine. This is how we came to that decision.

To begin with, I asked the customer how many cakes she was packaging per day. She informed me that she would be packaging about 300 cakes a day, which were enclosed in clamshell packaging. I informed the customer that 300 pieces a day was a fairly large amount.

I then asked the customer how big the clamshells were. She informed me that they were about 9″ x 7″ wide and 2″ high. I provided the customer with a few options.

First of all, 300 cakes a day is a lot. While you could use an I-bar sealer (found here), I informed the customer that they would be looking at about 2-3 minutes per package, perhaps 1 minute per package with a well-experienced operator. Even in a best-case scenario that would be about 5 hours to package everything.

I informed the customer that she would probably want an L-bar shrink wrap machine with an integrated tunnel. These types of systems take anywhere from 10-20 seconds per package. Packaging time will go up or down depending on how automated the machine is. In a best-case scenario this would take about 50-60 minutes.

I explained to the customer that the amount of time saved per day would easily make up the difference in cost. The customer also informed me that she would probably experience an increase in volume if everything went as planned. She definitely needed an L-bar system.

We ended up settling on the Minipack Galileo. The Galileo is affordable, could easily packaging the cake clamshell and seemed to be the best fit.

Having used the Galileo myself, I am confident that the customer will be very happy in the long run.

You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here.

Keith Barlow

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