Black Wire Binding Supplies (2:1, 3:1 & 19-Ring Spiral-O)

Wire Binding Supplies from ABC OfficeWire binding, sometimes called twin loop or double loop wire, is one of the most attractive book binding formats used today. If you already own a wire binding machine, you probably know what I mean. The end results look professional and are perfect for reports, presentations and booklets.

I often get asked which color of wire binding supply is most popular. The title of my post has probably already given away the answer to this question, but black is by far the most popular color. There are several reasons for this.

Black wire binding supplies match with just about any binding cover. They can be used with clear covers, plastic report covers and even card stock. Another reason black is so popular is because it doesn’t draw too much attention. Most people want the cover of their report to be the focal point, not the binding spine.

Black Wire Binding Supplies

We offer black wire binding supplies in three different hole formats. These are 2:1 pitch, 3:1 pitch and 19-ring Spiral-O. You need to make sure you use the correct hole pattern for your machine. Unfortunately supply hole patterns and machine hole patterns are not interchangeable.

You can find our black wire binding supplies here:

We also offer a wide range of other colors. Other popular colors include white and silver. We currently over about 5 common colors. You can find our entire selection of wire binding supplies here.

If needed, you can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here. Good luck with all your book binding projects!

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