Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need to cut photographs, paper, card stock, laminated documents and more with extreme precision? If so, you may be looking for a guillotine paper trimmer. There are literally dozens of different models available. If you need an alternative to a Kutrimmer paper trimmer, you may want to consider the Dahle 567 premium guillotine paper trimmer (found here). This is my review.

Dahle guillotine trimmers, much like Kutrimmer, are designed and made in Germany. While this may not mean much to you, it means a lot as far as quality is concerned. Having used several guillotine trimmers myself over the years, I can say without a doubt that the German cutters far exceed the Chinese trimmers in quality.

The Dahle 567 is a high-quality cutter. It is made from solid metal components, from the base to the cutting blade. It is easy to use, functional and can be used to cut a wide variety of paper, literature and documents.

The cutting blade on the Dahle 567 is what’s known as a self-sharpening blade. This means that every time the blade is brought down for a cut, it rubs against a metal base strip that sharpens it. This helps dramatically increase the lifespan of the cutting blade.

Safety is in no short supply with this cutter. It features a protective shield that blocks access to the blade during the cutting process. This is a huge improvement over the older wood base style cutters of 20 years ago.

Now for the specs. This cutter has an impressive 35 sheet cutting capacity. Keep in mind that the cutting capacity is based on standard 20# copy paper. Cutting capacity will be decreased when cutting card stock  The cutting length on the 567 is 21 ½”. This is long enough to handle most material, although a longer version of the 567 is available as the Dahle 569 (27 ½”) guillotine cutter.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from customers about guillotine trimmers is the accuracy. You may remember that the older wood base trimmers of 20+ years ago had a nasty habit of cutting paper crooked. This is no longer a worry with the Dahle 567. This cutter not only has a razor-sharp blade, but it also has a clamping mechanism that keeps paper firmly in place during the cutting process.

Alternative Models:

In conclusion I have to say that I really like the Dahle 567. It is affordable, features great quality and is up to par with the revered line of MBM Kutrimmer paper cutters.

You can find the Dahle 567 premium guillotine paper trimmer here and our entire selection of guillotine trimmers here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our paper cutter experts.

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