Dahle 585 Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 585 Premium Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need to cut large sheets of paper, posters, banners and signs? While many paper cutters are unable to handle larger sheets of paper, some higher-end guillotines are capable of handling the job. One such cutter is the Dahle 585 premium guillotine paper cutter (found here). This large format guillotine has many features that should help you out. This is my review.

Dahle is one of the largest manufacturers of paper cutters. This includes rolling trimmers, guillotines and stack cutters. They currently offer over a dozen different models. The majority of Dahle paper cutters and trimmers are German engineered and German built.

The Dahle 585 is in a class of its own. This guillotine cutter has an impressive 43″ cutting length, which is just over 3 ½ feet in length. This impressive length allows the Dahle 585 to be able to cut a wide variety of large sheets of paper. While big, it can also be used to cut the small stuff as well.

So how does the paper stay in place during the cutting process? You would think that cutting larger documents, paper and material would cause a lot of shift, resulting in a crooked cut. This is not the case with the Dahle 585. This is because the Dahle 585 has a tough built-in clamping mechanism. This clamp can be activated by pressing on a foot pedal. Because the clamp is foot operated, it frees up both hands for proper positioning of documents.

Safety is often a concern with guillotine paper cutters. Many of the older cutters, such as the old Premier cutter my school used to have, had an exposed blade. The Dahle 585 uses a safety acrylic shield that keeps the blade covered during the cutting process. A built in spring system helps to keep the blade from falling.

While the overall design of the Dahle 585 is solid, there is more to a paper cutter than clamps and a metal base. The blade is one of the most important parts of the cutter. The blade on the 585 is razor sharp. It is made out of German Solingen steel. You can read about the benefits of Solingen steel here.

The Dahle 585 is a little to large and awkward for most tables and desks. For this reason, the Dahle 585 includes a stand. This stand not only holds the 585 in place, but keeps it at an optimal cutting height.

This cutter also has a sturdy metal base with pre-printed guides. This guides make it easy to align paper for common cuts. The 585 also includes an adjustable side guide and a ruler for measurements.

Overall I think the Dahle 585 is a great cutter. For its size, it is perfect for cutting large format material. The German build quality really shines through.

You can find the Dahle 585 premium guillotine paper cutter here and our entire selection of Dahle paper cutters here. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters here.

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