Most Common Book Binding Issues – Troubleshooting

Book Binding MachinesAre you having trouble binding your books? Are you growing increasingly frustrated at the fact that your binding elements aren’t fitting through the holes? You’d be surprised at how simple most book binding machine issues are to solve. Here are some steps and tips that should help you out.

  • Binding Element Won’t Fit Through Holes – There are two common reasons why your binding elements won’t fit through the holes.
  1. I have found that many people, for whatever reason, try to use one diameter of binding element to bind a variety of different book thicknesses. The truth is, you need to use the correct diameter of binding element to match the thickness of the book you are binding. If the binding element is too small, it’s like trying to fit a size 5 shoe on size 10 feet.
  2. The second most common reason why elements won’t fit through holes is because the hole pattern (or pitch) isn’t the same. Binding machines like wire and coil come in different hole patterns. A 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) wire binding machine can’t use 3:1 pitch supplies (3 holes per inch).
  • Half-Punched Holes – Do you end up with half-punched holes on the edge of your paper? This can look pretty ugly and can get very frustrating. The first reason this may be happening is because the side guide isn’t properly adjusted. Try playing around with the guide and see if you can get the holes aligned. If that doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem, you may need to upgrade to a machine with disengageable punching pins. Disengageable binding machines have selectable punching pins, making it possible to completely disable the guilty half-punching pin.
  • Not All The Holes Punch – If you are noticing that not all the holes are punching all the way through the paper, you are probably punching too many sheets of paper at a time. Try scaling back the total sheets and see how that works.
  • Pages Tear Out Too Easily – Have you noticed that the lifespan of your bound book is really small? Are pages tearing out when they shouldn’t? You may be in need of a binding machine with an adjustable punching depth. If your machine already has an adjustable punching depth, you may want to break out the manual and try adjusting it. Pages punched too close to the edge of paper are far more likely to tear out.

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