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SircleBind CB-210 Plastic Comb Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

SircleBind CB-210 Plastic Comb Binding MachinePlastic comb binding machines are affordable, make it easy to bind your own books and produce solid results. With literally dozens of models to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. One comb binding machine you may want to consider is the SircleBind CB-210 plastic comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

Sircle, the manufactures of SircleBind, have been making binding machines for a few years now. Their machines have been thoroughly tested and seem to be a great value for the dollar spent. SircleBind machines are available in comb and wire formats.

The CB-210 comb binder is a nice looking machine. It features a white shell that blends in nicely with existing office furniture. On a table, it fits right in with copy machines, printers and other office equipment. Looks aren’t everything. How does this machine perform?

To begin with, the SircleBind CB-210 can manually punch up to 18 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time. This is pretty impressive for a binding machine in this price range. It can also be used to punch report covers, clear covers and card stock. Be aware that you will have to scale back the amount of sheets you punch when handling thicker paper.

The CB-210 has a maximum binding capacity of about 2″ of paper or 500 sheets of 20# paper. This means you can bind a book that is just a few pages thick or several hundred pages thick with this comb binder. Again, this is impressive.

Once pages have been punched, you will need to open a comb on the comb opener. The CB-210’s comb opener is located on the top of the machine. Comb is opened by using the same handle used to punch paper. Once the comb is opened, you can easily add your punched pages and close the comb.

While the SircleBind CB-210 is primarily designed for punching and binding books about 11″ long, it can be used to punch and bind smaller books. This is possible thanks to the built-in disengageable punching pins. Simply pull out the pin and disable the hole you don’t want punched. This is great for custom book binding and for eliminating half-punched holes.

Another nice benefit you will find in the CB-210 is the adjustable margin depth. This adjustment allows you to determine how far into the paper you want to punch the holes. This is ideal for binding extremely thin and extremely thick books.

Alternative Binding Machines

While the CB-210 isn’t quite up to par with some of the larger Akiles machines, it is a great binding machine for home or small office use. It can easily keep up with binding projects equaling a few to a few dozen books a day. I give this binding machine 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find the SircleBind CB-210 plastic comb binding machine here and our entire selection of SircleBind binding machines here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our binding machine specialists with any questions you may have.

K-Sun BEE3 Label & Bar Code Printer Review (Discontinued)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

K-Sun BEE3 Label, Bar Code & Heat Shrink PrinterOrganization helps things run smoother and is a huge plus for any home or business. One great way to keep things organized is to label products. This makes things easier to find and can ultimately save you time and money. One product you may want to consider using to help keep things properly labeled and organized is the K-Sun BEE3 label and bar code printer (found here). This is my review.

The BEE3, to put it simply, is a portable keyboard and printer. The device itself holds a roll of tape and includes a keyboard that allows you to type out custom messages. You can then print out the message, cut it off and stick it to a product. It even includes a built-in tape and shrink tube cutter. It is fairly simple to use.

The K-Sun BEE3 not only prints letters, but can also print bar codes. This is especially nice for inventory management. The BEE3 supports printing 6 of the most common bar code formats. Simply print out the bar code and stick them to a box.

The BEE3 also has the ability to use a special heat shrink tube cartridge. This allows the BEE3 to print on polyolefin heat shrink tubes. These tubes are commonly used for the identification of wire and cable.

This labeling machine can be run on 6 “AA” batteries or with an AC adapter. The BEE3 includes a low-battery indicator. The fact that the BEE3 can run on batteries is a huge plus, especially for use on a work site or in a warehouse. A power-save mode helps extend battery life when not in use.

The built-in handle makes the K-Sun BEE3 extremely easy to pick up and move around. The machine itself only weighs in at 1.23 pounds, which is extremely manageable.

The keyboard on the BEE3 is extremely easy to use. It follows a traditional qwerty keyboard layout. Buttons include a space bar, shift function, letters, numbers and many common symbols. A built-in print preview lets you see the labels design and type style prior to printing. Printed letters are clear and easy to read.

This label printer comes in a variety of different packages. Each package contains different amounts and colors of ribbons and supplies.

I consider the BEE3 to be beneficial for either home or office use. The labeling possibilities of this little machine are endless. The quality is great and it features an impressive 3-year warranty.

You can find the K-Sun BEE3 label and bar code printer here and our entire selection of labeling machines here.

Best Clear Covers For Book Binding

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Clear Report Binding CoversClear binding covers are by far one of the best ways you can make your book binding projects look more professional. There is something about the shine and glean you get from a clear report cover. They are the icing on the cake. Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when shopping for a clear cover.

To begin with, clear binding covers come in different sizes. We offer what’s known as a standard 8 ½” x 11″ clear binding cover and an oversize clear binding cover that measures in at 8 ¾” x 11 ¼”. The standard clear covers have square corners and the oversize clear covers have round corners.

Clear report covers also come in different finishes. The most popular finish is the clear glossy finish. This type of clear cover has a highly reflective cover that has the appearance of a transparency or a laminated document. The clear glossy finish looks classy.

We also offer clear covers in a matte finish. While matte covers still look great, they have more of a dull surface that doesn’t reflect as much light.

Clear report covers also come in different mil thicknesses. The mil thickness is measured in thousandths of an inch. The most common thicknesses are 5, 7 and 10. I would have to see that I see more people ordering 5 mil covers as they tend to be a good protective layer, however, the thicker 7 and 10 mil covers look great.

You can find our entire selection of clear binding covers here and our entire selection of book binding report covers here.

MBM Destroyit 2360 Paper Shredder Review

Monday, February 14th, 2011

MBM Destroyit 2360 Deskside Paper ShreddersIf you are looking for a great all-around small office paper shredder, you should take a long and serious look at the MBM Destroyit 2360 paper shredder (found here). This paper shredder has developed a great reputation among our customers. This is my review.

To begin with, the MBM Destroyit 2360 (by IDEAL) is available in several different versions. This includes a strip cut, a cross cut and a high security super micro cut version (SMC). All three of these shredders are equally comparable in quality with the biggest difference being the cut style and the sheet capacity. These shredders are German designed and German made.

Destroyit recently implemented a new design to their line of paper shredders that I find extremely creative and customer friendly. The got rid of all the separate buttons you often find in shredders and added a simple rocker button.

This button allows you to turn on the shredder, turn off the shredder and put the shredder into reverse. This same rocker button also includes several indicator lights that will let you know when the shredder is full, the door is open and more.

The Destroyit 2360 has a large 9-¼ gallon waste bin. This size of bin holds a lot of paper and makes bag changes less frequent. This is especially nice for a deskside paper shredder.

Unlike many department store style shredders that can easily overheat, the Destroyit 2360 utilizes a durable thermally protected motor that allows this shredder to run continuously throughout the day. The single-phase motor is very quiet compared to other similar shredders. This is especially nice for an office environment.

The Destroyit 2360 uses specially hardened steel cutting shafts that allow this shredder to accept staples, paper clips and credit cards. These hardened blades also allow the 2360 to operate at a high rate of speed. Almost as soon as you feed this shredder paper, it has finished the job.

Many people have concerns over the safety of a shredder. The 2360 uses an SPS (Safety Protection System) package. This includes an electronically controlled transparent safety shield. This shield is located in the opening of the shredder. If this shield is lifted open, it will turn the shredder off. This shield also has just enough clearance to allow the maximum amount of paper to be fed through.

Overall I consider the Destroyit 2360 to be a solid deskside paper shredder for just about any office. It looks good, is built well and is ideal for shredding throughout the day. It should easily last for several years.

You can find the MBM Destroyit 2360 paper shredder here and our entire selection of Destroyit paper shredders here. You will find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Wire Binding Troubleshooting Tips

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Wire Binding Machine TroubleshootingIs your wire book binding project not turning out exactly the way you had hoped? It happens to the best of us. Even with 10+ years of wire binding experience under my belt, I have come across book binding issues. The good news is that most wire binding troubles are easy to solve. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Common Wire Binding Issues

  1. Half-Punched Holes – If you are experiencing half-punched holes, you are either punching paper that is shorter or longer than the machine is designed to handle or you don’t have the side margin adjusted correctly.The side margin is the easiest fix. Loosen it and slide it left or right until you have eliminated the half-punched holes.If you are still experiencing half-punched holes, you will probably need to get a machine equipped with a disengageable (selectable) punching die. This will allow you to disable punching pins on the machine and eliminate half-punched holes.
  2. Pages Fall Out – If pages are falling out of your bound book, you probably haven’t closed the wire enough. Insert the wire spine back into your machine’s wire closer and close the wire a little more.
  3. Pages Won’t Turn – If pages won’t turn, you are either using a wire binding spine that is too small or you have closed the wire too much. Either get the correct size diameter of wire or fine-tune the wire closer on your machine.
  4. Annoying Seam Along Spine – If you are experiencing a seam along your wire binding spine, you have probably bound the book incorrectly. When wire binding, you want to have the last page on the top of the book. Once the binding process is complete, the back page (currently on top) can be turned back around to the last page. This will hide the wire seam.
  5. Won’t Punch Paper – If you’re machine won’t punch paper, you are either punching too much paper at a time or your punching pins are dull. Try scaling back the paper you are punching.
  6. Punching Crooked – If your machine is punching crooked, you may have some punched paper stuck in the punch. Take a look, using a flashlight, and make sure the punching pins are cleared and that there is no paper in the way of the punch. If there is excess paper in the punch, empty the tray and try to clear out the punch by using a piece of card stock (sliding back and forth).

These are just a few of the most common wire binding issues our customers and I have experienced. Hopefully these troubleshooting tips will keep your wire binding machines up and running.

You can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here.

How To Choose The Right Coil Binding Machine

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Coil Binding SuppliesCoil binding is considered by many people, professionals and businesses to be one of the most versatile book binding formats available. There are many reasons for this. Here are just a few of the most common reasons I hear from our customers:

  1. Plastic PVC coils are durable.
  2. Pages turn 360 degrees.
  3. Coil bound documents look professional.
  4. Coils are available in several different colors and sizes.
  5. Coil binding machines are very affordable.
  6. Coil binding is great for binding cookbooks, reports, presentations and other documents.

Now that we have established that coil binding is pretty nice, there are a few things you should ask yourself prior to buying a machine. Answers to these questions should help you find the right machine that will work for you.

Coil Binding Questions

  • How many books will you be binding per day? The amount of books you bind per day will determine whether you need a manual punch or an electric punch. Electric punch machines are ideal for runs of several dozen to several hundred books. Manual punches are fine for a few to a few dozen books a day.
  • What size are the books you will be binding? How big is the book you will be binding. Most coil binding machines have at least a 12″ binding width, however, some can bind legal size 14″ documents. Also, if you are binding smaller books you may want to consider getting a machine with disengageable punching pins. This will allow you to bind a wide variety of custom-size books.
  • How thick will be books be that you are binding? If you will be binding a book about ¼” thick, most machines will work for you. If you will be binding thicker books, you may want to consider using a machine with an adjustable margin depth. This allows you to punch deeper into a sheet of paper, depending on the thickness of the book. This will help cut down on pages inadvertently tearing out.
  • Which hole binding pitch / pattern do you prefer? Coil binding supplies comes in 4:1 pitch and 5:1 pitch patters. This is 4 holes per inch (4:1) and 5 holes per inch (5:1). Different pitches / hole patterns create different appearances. The 4:1 pitch pattern can bind more paper than a 5:1 pitch.
  • Where will you be using your binding machine? Keep in mind how big the machine is. Be sure the desk or table you are using can accommodate both the size and the weight of the machine.
  • Do you need an electric coil inserter? Coil binding machines come with and without electric coil inserters, depending on the design. If your machine does not have an electric coil inserter, you will need to insert the coils by hand. If you are only binding a few to a dozen books a day, this isn’t a big deal. If you are binding several dozen to hundreds of books a day, I highly  recommend getting a machine with an electric coil inserter.

Answers to these questions should help you track down the right machine. I understand that you may still have some important questions. Please feel free to post your questions here and I will try to answer them. You may also call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our coil binding experts.

You can find our entire selection of coil binding machines here.

Akiles iLam 340 13″ Pouch Laminator Review

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Akiles iLam 340 13" Pouch LaminatorAre you looking for a pouch laminator that can laminate your photos, report covers, business cards and menus? It is tough to find a decent multi-purpose pouch laminator. One model that we now offer, available from a solid manufacturer, is the Akiles iLam 340 13″ pouch laminator (found here). This is my review.

Akiles is one of the most solid and most reputable manufacturers of office equipment that there are. They make great binding machines, laminators, corner rounders and paper trimmers. Akiles is already well known for their ProLam and UltraLam pouch laminators. The iLam series is the next generation. This includes the iLam 340 and the iLam 240.

The iLam 340 is a 13″ wide pouch laminator. That means that, on a scale of width, is one of the largest pouch laminators we offer. The wide 13″ width is ample enough to handle most laminating pouches. This includes 12″ x 18″ pouches, business card pouches and everything in between.

There are a few features I personally recommend you find in a laminator and the iLam has them all. This includes a reverse button, for retrieving jammed documents, and an adjustable temperature control.

The control panel on the iLam 340 is one of the most unique I have ever seen. Most laminators have a control panel on the front of the laminator. The iLam 340 has single knob located on the side of the laminator. This knob is turned to the mil thickness you are laminating, which in turn adjusts the laminator’s heat level.

The end results on the iLam 340 are pristine. This is due in part to the heated rollers. The iLam 340 has a total of 4 silicon rollers that help evenly distribute both heat and pressure. This cuts down on ripples, bubbles, cloudiness and other annoying laminating anomalies.

Have you ever experience a jam so devastating that it required you to send in the laminator for repair? You will probably never experience this with the iLam 340. A couple of locking latches can be released, allowing you access to the inside of the laminator without any special tools.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, the iLam 340 can be used on most tables, desks and work surfaces. It is easy to pick up and move around. The sleek modern design looks great and fits in with most office environments.

As far as pouch laminators are concerned, I have to say that the iLam 340 from Akiles is one of the most solid, durable and tough laminators available. It can be used throughout the day without suffering excessive wear and tear.

I give this laminator extremely high marks and feel confident that you will be happy with this laminator. As mentioned earlier, Akiles products are some of the most solid available and the iLam 340 is no exception. This laminator comes with a 1 year warranty.

You can find the Akiles iLam 340 13″ pouch laminator here and our entire selection of pouch laminating machines here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about this laminator.

What Is Solingen Steel?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Paper Cutters With Solingen SteelYou’ll find reading my reviews and browsing through several of our products that many of our paper cutters claim to utilize a special metal called Solingen steel. They make this claim as if Solingen steel is something special, something that makes their products better than others. So what is Solingen steel? I’ll explain.

To begin with Solingen is a city in Germany. It should come as no surprise our guillotine trimmers and stack cutters that offer Solingen steel blades are German made machines. Are you seeing the larger picture yet?

Solingen steel is considered to be some of the best steel around. While it technically is “just steel,” Solingen has developed a great reputation when it comes to cutlery and sword making.

Solingen, GermanyWikipedia has this to say about Solingen:

Solingen is called the “City of Blades”, since it has long been renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors made by famous firms such as DOVO Solingen, Wüsthof, J. A. Henckels, Böker, Eickhorn-Solingen, and numerous other manufacturers. Wilkinson is also based here. Compare with Sheffield and Birmingham in England.

Blacksmith smelters, dating back to over 2000 years, have been found around the town adding to Solingen’s fame as a Northern Europe blacksmith center. Swords from Solingen have turned up in places such as the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the British Isles. Northern Europe prized the quality of Solingen’s manufactured weaponry, and they were traded across the European continent. Solingen today remains the knife-center of Germany.

So there you have it. Solingen steel, used in many of our cutters comes from Solingen, Germany. A paper cutter that uses Solingen steel is probably going to be a high-quality product.

Brands that I am aware of who use Solingen steel in their machines include Dahle and MBM (Kutrimmer / Triumph).

You can find our entire selection of paper cutters here.

MBM Destroyit 2403 Paper Shredder Review

Friday, February 11th, 2011

MBM Destroyit 2403 Paper ShreddersKeeping your personal information safe, secure and inaccessible is critical to protecting your identity. One great way to help cut down on identity theft is by using a paper shredder. Unfortunately many paper shredders out there aren’t up to the task. One reliable shredder that you may want to consider using is the MBM Destroyit 2403 paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

Destroyit (by IDEAL) continues to be one of the leading paper shredder manufacturers around. These German engineered and German made shredders are known for lasting years to even decades. MBM Destroyit shredders come in a variety of sizes, depending on where they will be used and how many people will use them.

The Destroyit 2403 is definitely an office shredder, although it can be used at home. It is available in both a strip cut (Security Level 2) and a cross cut (Security Level 4) version, depending on your preference and desired shredder security level. The strip cut can shred more paper at once, but the cross cut shreds paper into tinier pieces.

Destroyit has really refined the user controls for shredders. The 2403, as with most Destroyit shredders, utilizes a rocker control for shredder operation. The button tilts forward to turn it on and off. When on, the button is green. It tilts back to but the shredder into reverse mode, turning the switch red.

A series of lights let you know if the shredder is full or if door is open. It even features a load indicator that will stop the shredder if too much paper is fed in and will back the paper back out. This helps to prevent paper jams.

One thing you will probably notice when you use the 2403 is how fast it is. Unlike many cheap department store shredders, the Destroyit 2403 shreds paper in just seconds. It is gone almost as fast as you can feed it in. This is ideal for shredding large amounts of paper.

The Destroyit 2403 is not only fast, but it is also extremely safe to use. It implements what is called the Safety Protection System (SPS) package. This includes a transparent safety shield that prevents accidental shredding and personal injury.

The blades on the 2403 are tough. Both the strip cut and cross cut versions use high-quality hardened steel blades. These blades allow the 2403 to easily handle staples, paper clips and credit cards. The strip cut version can even shred CDs.

The 2403 can easily be placed next to a desk or along a wall for use by multiple people. The motor is thermally protected, allowing it to be continually used without a cool down period. As is the case with all Destroyit shredders, the 2403 is quieter than your average shredder.

I highly recommend this shredder for use in the office. It is dependable, reliable and extremely effective at shredding paper. I give this shredder a solid 5 out of 5 stars. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the MBM Destroyit 2403 paper shredder here and our entire selection of Destroyit paper shredders here.

Do you still have questions? Speak with one of our paper shredder specialists by calling 1-800-658-8788.

Tamerica VersaBind-E 4-in-1 Electric Binding Machine Review

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Tamerica VersaBind-E 4-in-1 Electric Binding MachineHow many times have you wanted to bind a book in a different format than what you already have? We always want what we can’t have, right? Well now maybe you can. With the Tamerica VersaBind-E 4 in 1 electric binding machine (found here), you can bind books in up to 4 different popular formats. This is my review.

Tamerica is one of the leading book binding machine manufacturers around. They manufacture a wide selection of popular binding machines, laminators and paper cutters. Their machines feature a good build quality at a decent price.

The VersaBind-E is one of the most versatile book binding machines around. That is because it can bind books in 19-ring plastic comb, 3:1 Wire-O wire, 2:1 wire and 4:1 coil. This is pretty impressive for any binding machine.

The machine itself utilizes what’s known as interchangeable punching dies, which Tamerica calls the EZ slide system. This means that the punching die can be removed and a new one can be added. You literally slide out the die and insert another. This is not only nice because you can punch holes for multiple binding formats, but it also makes it extremely easy to replace punching dies when the become dull.

The Tamerica VersaBind-E includes a comb opener, a wire closer and a coil insertion channel. It is basically like having 4 different binding machines in one single model. This is pretty neat if you ask me.

The punching die on the VersaBind-E is completely electric. It is operated by use of a foot pedal. This allows you to hold the paper you are punching with both hands. This allows for accurate and aligned punching. A foot pedal also helps speed the entire book binding process. The electric punch is capable of punching through up to 20 sheets of paper at a time.

The build quality on the Tamerica VersaBind-E is actually pretty nice. The punching dies are metal and the machine itself appears to be made from durable metal components. The price is certainly right, especially considering everything you get.

I have to say that I personally really like the VersaBind-E, especially considering all the different binding formats it can perform. This is a great binding machine to have in an office, school, church or copy center. Not only does it have interchangeable dies, but it is electric.

You can find the Tamerica VersaBind-E 4 in 1 electric binding machine here and our entire selection of book binding machines here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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