Advice: Speeding Up Book Binding Operations

Book Binding MachinesWhile manually binding your own books doesn’t take a long time, I have had many people ask me how they can speed things up. I would say the average amount of time it takes to bind a book is about 1-5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the book and the machine being used. Here are a few tools you can use to potentially cut that time in half.

The following tips should help you speed up binding operations for comb, wire and coil binding. While each of these binding formats look different, they all implement very similar techniques.

Speeding Up Book Binding Operations

Binding Attachments / Modular Accessories – If you have a fairly basic book binding machine, you can easily upgrade the speed by purchasing separate attachments.

All of these attachments will allow one person to handle paper punching while a separate person can use the modular attachment to finish the job. This can almost double your book binding speed.

Stand-Alone Punch – Stand-along paper punches are designed to punch large volumes of paper. The can be used in conjunction with a modular binding accessory or along side a book binding machine. Many of our stand-alone punches can punch 20+ sheets of paper at a time. Higher punching capacities really speeds up the book binding process. You can find our stand-alone paper punches here.

Electric Upgrade – While manual punch book binding machines are nice, they aren’t recommended for medium to high-volume binding. An electric punch binding machine can be a huge upgrade and is well worth the investment. Electric punch binding machines typically have a higher punching capacity and are much faster.

Akiles Oval Coil Binding HolesCoil Hole Upgrade – If you are coil binding, an oval hole upgrade may be well worth the investment for speed. I’ll explain.

Coil binding, at least for me, can be a little difficult when binding thicker books. This is because the holes are small and navigating the coils through the holes can be a little difficult. I don’t have this problem with thinner books.

About a year ago Akiles unveiled a new line of coil binding machines that utilize an oval hole rather than a round hole. The oval hole design really speeds up coil insertion. Akiles machines that feature the oval holes typically have a “PLUS” after the model name. You can find our Akiles coil binding machines here. You can find our Akiles coil binding machines here.

Separate Machine – This suggestion may seem like obvious advice, but it is often cheaper to buy a second machine than to purchase a separate punch or attachment. This way you can have 2 people simultaneously punching and binding books.

I have found that most of the tips mentioned above will help significantly increase your book binding speed.

We have a great team of highly trained binding specialists here at ABC Office that can help offer binding advice and suggestions. Feel free to speak with one of them by calling 1-800-658-8788.

You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here. Have a great day!

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