Akiles iCoil 41+ Coil Binding Machine Review

Akiles iCoil 41+ Spiral Binding MachineAre you in the marketing for a coil-binding machine and need something that includes everything you need to get your binding operations up and going? One great machine you should take a look at is the Akiles iCoil 41+ coil binding machine (found here). The iCoil 41+ is a relatively new binding machine is quickly becoming a hit. This is my review.

Akiles easily ranks up with there with GBC and Renz when it comes to quality and reputation. Akiles manufactures coil, comb and wire binding machines ranging from entry-level to high-end industrial products.

The Akiles iCoil 41+ is a very well rounded coil-binding machine. While it isn’t designed for high-volume jobs, it can easily handle most light to medium-volume bookbinding. It really does include everything you need to start coil binding minus the supplies. This includes a punch, a coil inserter and coil-crimping pliers.

What is the significance of the + in 41+? The plus signifies that this particular coil-binding machine utilizes an oval hole pattern that is very much unique to Akiles. Instead of a round hole, the hole is oval. This is supposed to make coil insertion and page turns easier. Having used both standard round holes and oval holes, I have to say that there is a little truth in that assumption.

The iCoil 41+ uses a 4:1 pitch hole pattern. This is means it punches four holes per inch of paper, which is the most common coil binding hole pattern used today. The other hole pattern used in coil binding is a 5:1 pitch, which is five holes per inch.

Using the Akiles iCoil 41+ is extremely easy and to be honest is pretty darn convenient. Everything has been ergonomically laid out for ease and storage. To begin with, the iCoil 41+ punches paper vertically instead of horizontally. This allows gravity to naturally keep the paper squared up during the punching process, which means all the holes will be even and will maintain an equal margin punching depth.

Once the holes are punched, coil can be quickly inserted through the oval holes by using the included electric coil inserter. While the inserter on the iCoil 41+ is small, it easily grabs onto the coils and spins them through the holes. The electric inserter is turned on and off by means of an included foot pedal, which allows for convenient two-handed operation.

Once the coils are inserted through the punched holes, the included coil-crimping pliers can be used to cut off and crimp the ends of the coils. The entire process is quick and seamless.

One of my favorite features of the iCoil 41+ is how compact it is. The back support for the paper folds down as a dust cover. A storage compartment holes the coil crimping pliers and the electric coil inserter folds down into the body of the binding machine. Once everything is put away and folded into place, the iCoil is extremely easy to move around and store.

One feature the iCoil does not include, which I personally like, is selectable (disengageable) punching dies. This isn’t a huge disadvantage, especially considering the build quality of the iCoil 41+ and the affordability of the machine.

I personally highly recommend this product. It is made by Akiles, and to be honest, just about everything Akiles touches is gold. It is perfect for home use or low to medium-volume business use. You will love using this machine for binding booklets, reports, presentations and more.

You can find the Akiles iCoil 41+ coil binding machine here and our entire selection of coil binding machines here.

We are experts when it comes to binding machines. If you are shopping around, or simply need answers to a few questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

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