Best Fish Vacuum Sealers (External & Chamber)

Fish Vacuum Food SealersWhether you are an avid fisherman or are trying to package fish for retail sale, you can benefit from using a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers can dramatically extend the shelf life of fish by as much as 3 times or more and helps to prevent and cut down on freezer burn. There are a lot of machines out there, so which fish vacuum sealer should you buy? Here are a few tips that may help you out.

To begin with, you need to determine how much fish you will be packaging per day. If you are only packaging a few to a few dozen, an external sealer is probably all you need. If you are packaging a few dozen to a few hundred a day, you will probably need what’s known as a chamber vacuum sealer.

We have found that Minipack (made in Italy) produces some of the most reliable, effect and durable vacuum sealers. They make a wide range of vacuum sealers. Their sealers can be used to remove 99.9% of the air from a vacuum-sealing bag and they produce a durable seal that holds up well.

Here are some of the models I would personally recommend to our customers:

Best External Fish Vacuum Sealers

  1. Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer – This sealer is extremely reliable, has a good track record and can easily package fish. It has a 13″ maximum sealing width.
  2. Minipack Cyclone 40 Vacuum Sealer – This sealer is great for the packaging and sealing of fish. It has a 17″ maximum sealing width.
  3. Minipack Cyclone 50 Vacuum Sealer – This sealer, much like the smaller Cyclone 30 and Cyclone 40, is perfect for packaging fish, meat, fruits and more. It has a 21″ sealing width.

Best Chamber Fish Vacuum Sealers

  1. Minipack MVS 20 X Chamber Sealer – This sealer is a entry-level chamber sealer, but still features high-quality components and a great build. It isn’t as large as the MVS 31 X, but can still be used to package cut up fish.
  2. Minipack MVS 26 X Chamber Sealer – This vacuum sealer features a nice 11″ x 16″ x 4″ chamber sealing area and is extremely easy to set up and use.
  3. Minipack MVS 31 X Chamber Sealer – This chamber sealer is perfect for packaging fish. It has a 12.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.75″ chamber dimension that can easily handle a lot of fish.
  4. Minipack MVS 35 X Chamber Sealer – This vacuum food sealer has both a great chamber width and height (13″ x 11.75″ x 7.5″). This can be used to package multiple pieces of fish in a bag.
  5. Minipack MVS 45 X Chamber Sealer – This vacuum sealer is perfect for commercial packaging of fish and has a nice chamber area of 18.5″ x 16″ x 4.5″.

Each of these vacuum food sealers can be used to efficiently package fish and have been proven to have a great track record. I would personally recommend these sealers for anyone interested in packaging and preserving fish for either personal or retail use.

You can find our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here.  Feel free to ask our vacuum sealer specialists questions by calling 1-800-658-8788.

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