Can A Paper Cutter Be A Perforator?

Carl Rotary Paper CuttersEvery so often I speak with customers who one way or another end up on or paper perforator index. They often get a little overwhelmed after seeing the high-end industrial paper perforators that we offer. Many of them simply want either a handheld or a basic manual perforator. One place I often tell them to go is our rotary paper cutter index. This is why.

To begin with, many of our rotary paper cutters have the option of using optional cutting attachments. Some of these cutting attachments are perforating wheels. As long as you aren’t expecting high-volume perforating output, many of these paper cutters will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

I have come up with a list of paper cutters that can be used as perforators. Remember, most of these paper cutters only come with a cutting wheel. The perforating wheel usually has to be purchased as an optional accessory.

Paper Cutters That Are Also Perforators

  1. Carl CC-10 Handheld Rotary Trimmer
  2. Carl DC-95 & DC-100 Rotary Trimmers
  3. Carl DC-200 Series Cutters (DC-210, DC-220, DC-238, DC-250)
  4. Carl RT-200 & RT-218 Trimmers
  5. Dahle 360 & 370 Hobby Trimmers
  6. Dahle 507 Personal Paper Trimmer
  7. Tamerica TM-20 Paper Trimmer

These cutters all have a great reputation as long as they are used the way they are intended. Many of these cutters also offer wavy cut, deckle cut and other pattern-cut blades. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here and paper perforators here.

Keith Barlow

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