Cassida C100 Coin Counter & Sorter Review

Cassida C100 Coin Counter & SorterIf you run, own or work for a business that handles money on a regular basis, you probably have the need for a reliable and affordable coin counter. With so many models out there, you may be a little overwhelmed. One great machine for low to medium-volume use is the Cassida C100 coin counter & sorter (found here). I have used this machine and this is my review.

There are a lot of garbage coin counters out there. Most of these coin counters are sold for a “great deal” at department stores around the U.S. While these coin counters may be a “great deal,” they typically fall apart in a few months (if you’re lucky enough to get them working at all). The coin counters offered at ABC Office are designed for business use, not hobby use.

Cassida is probably one of the top bill counter manufacturers around. While Cassida is best known for their line of bill counters, they also make a couple of reliable coin counters and sorters.

The Cassida C100 is both a coin counter and sorter, all in one machine. I’ll start off with the sorting capabilities. You will notice in the picture that the C100 has separate trays for each denomination. This makes it possible for the C100 to separate coins and place them in their own respective containers. Included coin tubes make coin wrapping very easy. The C100 will automatically stop and notify you when the bank roll is full.

The bin on top of the C100 can hold up to 1600 coins. While not terribly common with coin sorters, the C100 can sort $1 coins. It can specifically count and sort 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ and $1 coins. This versatility allows the C100 to handle just about everything in the U.S. market. The C100 is also available in a Canadian version for Canadian denominations.

Not only does the C100 sort coins, but it can also count them. It does this by adding the total quantity of coins. It will provide you with a grand total of coins or a denomination total of coins. The large display will even provide you with the total counted value.

The C100 can also batch count coins (0 to 500). Batch counting can be specifically set for individual denominations. This is especially nice for wrapping coins.

Having used the Cassida C100 myself, I can personally vouch for the easy-of-use. It literally takes a minute or two to get this machine up and running. From my own experience, I can say that the C100 is very accurate. I have run and re-run coins through this machine with accurate results every time.

I feel safe in recommending the Cassida C100 for light to moderate use. I would not recommend it for high-volume use. It operates at a speed of about 250 coins a minute.

You can find the Cassida C100 coin counter & sorter here and our entire selection of coin counting machines here.

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