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Nestaflex 226 Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor Review

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Nestaflex 226 Gravity Skatewheel ConveyorDo you run or work in a warehouse environment. As you may know, a lot of heavy lifting and transporting of boxes occurs throughout the day. Once great way to speed up packaging and transport, all while taking a load off your employees, is by using a gravity conveyor system. One great model you may want to use in your warehouse is the Nestaflex 226 gravity skatewheel conveyor (found here). This is my review.

Nestaflex is one of the biggest lines of gravity conveyors, including skatewheel and roller variations. These conveyor systems are used throughout the country. At ABC Office we currently offer over 4 different conveyor models in literally dozens of different configurations. In our warehouse, we use Nestaflex conveyors to move products straight from our warehouse directly to the Fed-Ex or UPS truck. Nextaflex conveyors have a great rack record.

The Model 226 skatewheel conveyor system is available in several different width and length configurations, depending on what you need in your warehouse. Widths range from 18″ to 24″, which is more than enough space to transport most packaged boxes.
Lengths also range, again, depending on what you need in your warehouse. The height on these conveyors can be adjusted from 28″ to 44″, which is perfect for accommodating employees.

The Nestaflex 226 gets its model name from the fact that it can support up to 226 pounds per lineal foot of conveyor. This is pretty impressive, especially considering how affordable these conveyors really are.

The build quality on the 226 is one reason this particular model is so popular. First off, the Model 226 features all-steel construction. This allows the 226 to take a beating throughout the day without suffering any wear. The side links on this conveyor are made from 11-gauge steel and the legs are zinc-plated, made from 1 1/8″ square steel tubing (cross welded).

The casters on the 226 measure in at 5″ in diameter by 1 ½” wide. Each of the casters swivel, making deployment and arrangement extremely easy. Steel foot breakers can be located both ends.

The skatewheels, which are used to actually transport material, measure in at 5/16″ inch in diameter. Standard axle centers are 5 1/4″, 4″ and 3″, which are designed to handle small cartons. The skatewheels themselves are available in the following formats:

Skatewheel Formats

  • N) Red nylon with nylon bushing high-impact, short conveyor runs.
  • P) Black polymer with 7 steel ball bearings in a captive race – provides superior wheel rotation.
  • S) Steel skate wheel with steel ball bearings – impact-resistant, moderate to high volume.

Most of our Nestaflex gravity conveyors can be adjusted or modified to meet your specific needs. Simply call us at 1-800-658-8788 to get a custom quote.

Overall, the Nestaflex 226 gravity conveyor is probably one of the best available for low to medium-volume use. The build quality is excellent and the 18 month warranty is very impressive. You will not be disappointed with the Nestaflex 226 in your warehouse or factory.

You can find the Nestaflex 226 gravity skatewheel conveyor here and our entire selection of Nestaflex gravity conveyors here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to any of your gravity conveyor or warehouse questions.

Minipack MVS 45 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Minipack MVS 45 X Vacuum Food Sealer

MVS 45 XII Shown

Does your business package poultry, fish, beef, pork, fruits or vegetables on a daily basis? Do you need a solid and reliable way to protect and preserve consumable goods? You should probably be using a vacuum sealer like the Minipack MVS 45 X vacuum food sealer (found here). This is my revue.

Minipack has been in the process recently of upgrading their entire line of vacuum sealing machines. This includes the MVS 31, MVS 45 and many other machines. Minipack has essentially re-designed the look of the machines, while maintaining the same functionality. Overall, they have rounded out the corners a bit and have slightly simplified the user interface.

The newly re-designed MVS 45 now carries the name of the MVS 45 X. If you are already familiar with the standard MVS 45, you will probably notice very little difference in the new model. It still features the same high-quality stainless steel design and incredible vacuum sealing speeds.

The chamber sealing area of the MVS 45 X measures in at 18.5″ x 16″ x 4.5″. This is large enough to package most food products. Simply place your product in a vacuum sealing bag, place it in the vacuum sealer, close the hood and let the machine do the rest.

The front control panel makes it easy to adjust the time duration of the sealing bar and the amount of air that is removed from the chamber. The MVS 45 X can remove up to 99.99% of the air in the chamber. Having used these sealers myself, I can tell you that it is impressive to see the end results. The vacuum seal bag literally collapses around the food (or product), filling in all air pockets. The seal itself is extremely solid and reliable.

Unlike many vacuum sealers out there that require special tuning and adjustments, the MVS 45 X is pretty much calibrated and ready to run out of the box. The basin of this sealer is designed to be sanitary. There are no creases where food can get trapped and cleanup is extremely easy.

One significant item of note is the build quality. Many chamber sealers out there use cheap and flimsy sheet metal, many of which can even cut you. The MVS 45 is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel. It is designed to hold up and be used continually throughout the day. It is perfect for commercial use and is excellent for packaging meat and other food at grocery stores.

One nice added feature I really like on the Minipack MVS 45 X is it now has an oil change light that lets you know when to change the oil. Oil changes on the MVS 45 X are extremely easy to do.

Overall I give the MVS 45 X high marks. Minipack products are some of the best quality available and the MVS 45 X doesn’t let you down. I give this vacuum food sealer a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find the Minipack MVS 45 X vacuum food sealer here and our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here.

Do you still have questions about this machine or about vacuum sealers in general? Feel free to call one of our non-pressuring experts at 1-800-658-8788.

Best Report & Presentation Binding Machines

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Wire Binding MachinesAre you a business, or perhaps a college student, that need to bind a highly professional presentation or report? There are several different ways to bind a presentation or report, with some considered more professional than others. I will explain the benefits of the various binding formats we offer.

Life, and business in general, is often all about making a good first impression. A nice looking presentation or report is a great place to start. There are four main styles of binding that I would personally recommend for your reports. I will list them starting with what I consider to be the best presentation format:

Best Report & Presentation Binding Machines

  1. Wire Binding – Wire binding looks great. A wire bound presentation offers the illusion of twin loops of wire floating effortlessly through a series of 21+ holes (depending on the hole pattern). It looks great and the real metal used in wire binding is the perfect final touch.
  2. VeloBind – The GBC VeloBind format looks clean, fresh and modern. The ¼” wide colored plastic strip has a nice texture to it and looks extremely clean. Combined with a clear cover and a card stock backing, it is hard to not make a great impression.
  3. Coil Binding – Coil binding still has a great look to it and is available in several colors. The biggest benefit to coil binding is the ease at which the pages turn. Not only do pages turn easily, but they can also wrap around a full 360 degrees.
  4. Comb Binding – Comb binding is one of the most affordable book binding formats. While comb binding ultimately produces a solid bind, many people feel it has a more functional appearance to it. While it can still be used to bind excellent reports and presentations, I consider the above three formats to be better looking.

So there you have it. These are my personal recommendations on binding formats to use for creating professional reports and presentations. You can find our entire selection of binding machines here. If you need help isolating a specific make, model or in finding supplies, please feel free to contact one of our binding specialists at 1-800-658-8788.

Xyron Laminator Scrapbooking Benefits

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Xyron 900 Cold Roll LaminatorIf you like to scrapbook, chances are that you also like to create many of your own crafts and decorations. One of the most popular tools we offer for scrapbooking, other than paper cutters, is our Xyron laminators. These affordable little machines have many benefits. I’ll explain.

To begin with, Xyron laminators are completely manual and require no power to operate. This is ideal, especially when you want to break out the scrapbooking tools but don’t want to necessarily sit next to a power outlet. Xyron laminators operate by use of a crank lever located on the side of the machine. This allows you to laminate photos, paper and other material at your own speed.

Xyron laminators are technically what’s known in the industry as a roll laminator. This means that they typically use two rolls of film, one on the top and another on the bottom. These two rolls work together to fully laminate a product.

One of the biggest hassles of a roll laminator is having to remove spent rolls and insert new rolls. This isn’t a problem with Xyron laminators. Xyron uses special cartridges. Just pop out the used cartridge and insert a new one. Film changes literally take just seconds to complete.

The biggest scrapbooking benefit Xyron laminators offer is their amazing selection of cartridges. You can get acid-free laminating cartridges, matte finish cartridges, single-sided laminating cartridges and even adhesive cartridges that allow you to create your own stickers.

The ability to create stickers is a feature many scrabookers have told me they really enjoy. Xyron laminators, when using the correct cartridge, can create stickers that are laminated or simply stickers that have adhesive on the back. This can be used to create your own stickers or even simply to apply adhesive to the back of a photo for insertion into photo albums.

The combination of laminating possibilities is pretty impressive. There are several models available, depending on the size of the object you want to laminate.

You can find our entire selection of xyron laminators here and our xyron laminating cartridges here.

Formax FD 260 Automatic Mail Tabber Review

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Formax FD 260 Automatic Mail TabberTabbed mail looks extremely professional, is very easy to mail and is easy to open. Mail tabbing can be used for mailing fliers, promotional material, brochures and much more. One mail tabbing machine you may want to consider using is the Formax FD 260 automatic mail tabber (found here). This is my review.

Formax makes some of the finest paper handling machines available in the United States. This includes shredders, paper folding machines, bursters, joggers, check signers and much more. One of their latest additions is mail tabbers.

The Formax FD 260 mail tabber is a highly automated tabbing machine that will take your folded paper, tab it and output it in just seconds. This tabber is extremely easy to set up and conforms to all modern U.S. Postal regulations.

This tabbing machine can be used with either 1″ diameter or 1.5″ diameter round tabs. It can even be used with rectangular tabs. This includes clear, translucent and paper tabs. Simply toggle a switch on the machine to select the tab diameter you want to use. The FD 260 uses a tab roll to automatically feed round tabs into the machine.

Be aware that paper must be pre-folded prior to placement in this machine. This can be done by using a paper folding machine. Coincidentally, Formax makes a wide variety of paper folding machines found here. The FD 260 can accept single folded paper, letter folded paper (C Fold) and much more. Paper can be re-fed through the 260 for two or even three tabs.

Formax FD 260 Video Demo

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Multiple tabbing is easy with the FD 260. Tabs can be place on paper up to ¼” thick coated or uncoated. Paper widths can range from 5″ up to 12″ wide. For a tabber, this is a pretty good range of paper sizes and thicknesses.

The Formax FD 260 uses a bottom feeding system that makes it possible to continually add stacks of new brochures had folded documents. This allows you to quickly, accurately and efficiently add tabs on a continuous basis.

One of my favorite features of the FD 260 is the conveyor system. A powered exit conveyor keeps tabbed mailers and documents in a neat and sequential order. Few modern tabbing machines feature an exit conveyor system.

Having used several mail tabbing machines, I have to say that the FD 260 is probably one of the most feature-rich and effective mail tabbers I have ever seen. It is made with Formax quality and should easily hold up for years. It is a solid piece of machinery.  Several upgrade options are available for customized tabbing.

You can find the Formax FD 260 automatic mail tabber here and our entire selection of mail tabbing machines here.

GBC System Two VeloBind Binding Machine Review

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

GBC System 2 VeloBind Binding MachineDo you bind a lot of reports, documents and other printed material? Do you need to be able to bind a book up to 2″ thick? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, you may want to consider using a binding machine like the GBC System Two 2″ VeloBind machine (found here). I have a lot of experience with this book binder and this is my review.

The GBC VeloBind system is one of the most popular book binding systems out there. It looks great, provides a solid bind and is tamper proof. GBC sometimes markets their VeloBind systems under the SureBind name. They are both the same machine. GBC currently makes a 1″, 2″ and 3″ VeloBind machine.

The GBC System Two is a 2″ VeloBind machine. That means it can bind anywhere from 2 sheets of paper up to a maximum of 2″ of paper. Few machines are capable of binding this much paper. It can be used to bind books as small as 8 ½” long or as large as 14″ long. The most common size is 11″.

The System Two most commonly uses an 11-prong (1 x 11 or 2 x 11) VeloBind strip. This strip is very proprietary to the GBC VeloBind sytstem. It measures in at about ¼” wide and 11″ long and is available in several different colors. I will go into a little more detail on exactly how the System Two works.

To begin with, you will need to punch the paper. The GBC System Two can manually punch up to 22 sheets of paper at a time. This is a lot of paper for a binding machine. Punching 1-2″ of paper takes just a few minutes. Once the paper has been punched, the 11-prong VeloBind strip can be placed through the holes.

Once through the holes, a back strip can be applied to the VeloBind strip. The stack of paper can then be placed in the System Two for the final step. The System Two then cuts off the excess prongs and thermally seals the prongs to the back strip. The end result is an extremely tight and secure bind.

Many construction companies and lawyer’s offices like to use VeloBind because they can bind a lot of paper at once. VeloBound documents are extremely easy to file away and place on a bookshelf.

The GBC System Two VeloBind is a solid binding machine. Having used it myself, I can tell you that the quality needed for an office binding machine is all there. It has been around for years, is time tested and the end results look great.

You can find the GBC System Two 2″ VeloBind machine here and our entire selection of VeloBind machines here.

Interthor “Thork Truck” ETT52748 Hydraulic Pallet Jack Review

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Interthor "Thork Truck" ETT52748 Pallet JackAre you looking for a pallet jack that has some lifting power and won’t break the bank? Pallet jacks are critical pieces of equipment for any warehouse and make hauling goods from one area to another easy. One solid pallet jack that has a great history with our customers is the Interthor ETT52748 economy pallet jack (found here). This is my review.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness and usefulness of pallet jacks. I worked in a grocery store for two years and used a pallet jack every week to haul new food into the store. Quality and dependability are a couple features you really need to have in a pallet jack.

Interthor has been making pallet jacks (Thork Trucks), tilters, lifters, trucks and much more for years. We have been selling Interthor products for well over 5 years now and Interthor has proven that they can make dependable products. I’m not aware of any issues that we have experienced with customers purchasing Interthor warehouse equipment.

The Interthor ETT52748 (Thork Truck) is considered an economy pallet jack. This is because it provides you with everything you need to get the job done, but isn’t considered to be lavish (chrome, brushed steel finish, etc.). It is affordable and simple to use. The ETT52748 is pretty much maintenance free and requires no special care.

This pallet jack has a maximum 5,500-pound lifting capacity, which isn’t bad for a pallet jack. It is completely manually operated, but thanks to high quality bearings, moving products around is extremely easy to do. It can be lowered down to just 2.9 inches, making it possible for the ETT52748 to get under most pallets.

There are few things more frustrating than trying to haul a pallet, but being unable to make it around a corner. The ETT52748 has an impressive 230-degree turning angle. This makes it possible for the Interthor ETT52748 to be used in fairly tight and constrained spaces.

Operating the hydraulic lift on the ETT52748 is very easy and comparable to other pallet jacks. Simply slide the jack under the pallet you need to lift, engage the hydraulic lift with a lever built into the handle and begin pumping the handle as you would a manual hydraulic jack. Lowering the pallet is just as easy. Simply disengage the hydraulics with the same lever.

The build quality on the ETT52748 economy pallet jack is excellent. It features rugged metal construction and is designed for daily use. It should easily last you for years to come.

You can find the Interthor ETT52748 economy pallet jack here, our entire selection of manual pallet jacks here and our entire line of warehouse equipment here.

Choosing a pallet jack that meets your needs can be a little confusing, so feel free to speak with one of our warehouse specialists at 1-800-658-878 with any questions.

Reviewed: Straighten Up! Literature Display Inserts for Magazines

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Safco StraightenUp! Magazine & Literature Rack InsertsDo you have a magazine display rack or holder, but can’t seem to keep the magazines standing up straight? This poses many problems. For one, your customers can’t see the displayed magazines and second, magazines could potentially fall onto the floor and become ruined. There is a very simply, quick and affordable fix for this problem.

To begin with, many magazines simply do not have the ability to support their own weight when positioned on end, especially at an angle. They begin to curl and flop over. This is also a problem when only a few magazines remain in a single pocket. There is one quick way to remedy this situation. Try using our StraightenUp! display inserts from Safco (found here). I’ll explain how these work.

StraightenUp! literature display inserts, unlike many cheaper alternatives, actually slide in behind the magazines, keeping magazines and literature in an upright position. Because they fit in behind the magazines, the actually don’t obstruct any visible material.  The spring-like design of the StraightenUp! insert works even when there is just one magazine left in a pocket.

These inserts are made out of plastic and are 100% GREENGUARD certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI). This means they are both safe for human use and are safe for the environment.

The StraightenUp! literature inserts measure in at 8 ½” W x ¼” D x 10 ½” H. They can be inserted into most letter-size or magazine-size literature display pockets. This includes wood, plastic and wire magazine displays and holders.

We sell a lot of these inserts and I have to say that our customers are always happy with the results. If you have problems keeping your magazines standing up, you should definitely give these a try.

You can find our Safco StraightenUp! magazine display inserts here and our entire selection of magazine and literature display racks here.

Martin Yale 1632 Electric Letter Opener Review

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Martin Yale Model 1632 Letter Opening MachineAre you tired of trying to pry open envelopes with a pen or cutting them open with a knife or scissors? Try increasing your envelope opening speed with an automatic letter opener. One affordable model you may want to consider using is the Martin Yale 1632 electric envelope opener. This is my review.

Martin Yale currently manufactures a wide range of office equipment and machines. This includes paper folding machines, paper cutters, envelope openers and much more. Martin Yale has been around for decades and is known for their affordable office products.

The Martin Yale 1632 is an electric envelope opener. That means rather than manually opening letters, an electric motor is used to pull in envelopes and open them. This description may seem a little simplistic, but it really is that easy. I will go into more detail on exactly how this happens.

The 1632 has a fed tray where you can place a 1 ¾” stack of envelopes. A rubber belt, driven by an electric motor, pulls in one letter at a time and slits them open. This is done without damaging the contents of the envelope. The opened envelope then comes out the other side into a catch tray. The entire process takes a split second.

While the motor on the Model 1632 operates at a speed of up to 7,000 envelopes per hour, I would not recommend using this machine continually to open that many envelopes. This is because the Model 1632 is designed for light to medium-volume letter opening and is ideal for small to mid-size businesses.

It only weighs in at 11 pounds, so it can easily be used on most desks and tables and can be used in most mailrooms. It is also light enough to move from one location to another. A built in catch tray folds into the machine for added portability.

Having handled this letter opener myself, I have to caution that it is not designed for high-volume use. Customers who buy this for low to medium-volume use are almost always happy with it and I can say over the years that it has a  great track record.

Overall the Model 1632 is a good little electric letter opener. It features the quality that Martin Yale is known for, and if properly cared for, should easily hold up for years.

You can find the Martin Yale 1632 electric envelope opener here and our entire selection of letter opening machines here.

Top 5 Best Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter Alternatives

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Rotatrim Professional Paper CuttersRotatrim easily makes some of the best rotary paper cutters available. They feature an excellent build quality, extremely accurate cuts and they seem to last for years. If you are on a budget, however, you may not be able to afford a Rotatrim Professional paper cutter. So are there some other brands that compete on a “Rotatrim” level that are more affordable?

I have a tough time saying that “more affordable” cutters are equal to a Rotatrim, but there are some pretty good contenders out there. I have come up with a list of some great Rotatrim alternatives that are still a great value. These cutters should still provide you with excellent cuts and great durability, all for a great price.

Top 5 Best Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter Alternatives

  1. Dahle 500 Series Professional Rolling Paper Cutters – The Dahle 500 series of professional rolling paper cutters are by far the top alternative to Rotatrim. They are very popular for cutting down photographs, card stock and other paper.
  2. Dahle 400 Series Premium Rolling Paper Cutters – The Dahle 400 series of premium rolling paper cutters are hot. They are affordable, are available in different lengths and are still very accurate.
  3. Foster Econocut Rotary Paper Trimmers – These paper cutters aren’t able to handle the high-volume of the Rotatrim Professional series, but are still an excellent alternative for light to medium volume cutting. The Foster Econocut line of cutters is accurate and easy to use.
  4. Akiles Roll@Blade Rotary Paper Trimmer – The Akiles line of Roll@Blade paper cutters are accurate and extremely affordable. The only downside is that they are only available in a couple of sizes.
  5. Rotatrim Mastercut (Monorail) Paper Cutter – The Mastercut line of paper cutters, from Rotatrim, use a square bar for stabilization. These cutters are a great alternative to the “professional” line of Rotatrim paper cutters.

This list of paper cutters should help you find a great cutter at an affordable price. While I still think the Rotatrim Professional line of cutters is THE king of the hill, these other cutters are definitely great contenders. You can find our entire line of rotary paper cutters here.

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