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Fellowes Saturn SL-95 Pouch Laminator Review

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Fellowes Saturn SL-95 Thermal Pouch LaminatorAre you in the market for a sub $100 pouch laminator that you can use at home or in the office? Many laminators under $100 aren’t worth much when it comes to quality results. At ABC Office we try to offer only the highest-quality laminators available and the Fellowes Saturn SL-95 pouch laminator (found here) is one such machine. This is my review.

Fellowes has developed a stalwart reputation for their huge line of paper shredders. What many people don’t realize is that Fellowes also makes a large line of binding machines and laminators. All Fellowes products have something in common – they look great!

The Saturn SL-95, at the time of this article, runs at a price of about $94 new. This is very affordable, especially for a 9 ½” pouch laminator. Not only is the SL-95 affordable, it touts an impressive 2-year warranty. It even includes a laminating starter kit.

For a laminator, The SL-95 is very attractive. It features a charcoal gray with a lighter gray design with soft rounded curves. It almost looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The control panel is very easy to use and extremely easy to set up.

The large 9 ½” width is capable of handling most letter-size documents and can be used to laminate small pouches as well. The thermal temperature settings are designed to handle 3 mil and 5 mil laminating pouches. Warm-up time only takes about 5 minutes.

As with any thermal pouch laminator, they can generate a lot of heat. Because of this heat, safety can be an issue with some laminators. The Fellowes Saturn SL-95 features HeatGuard technology that makes the laminator cool to the touch. This is great, especially for home use.

One of the most annoying features of pouch laminators is alignment. If a pouch is fed in crooked, it can eventually run into the side of the laminator and cause a jam. The SL-95 has a special release lever that releases pressure on the pouch, making it easy to re-position. Once re-aligned, the laminator can be clamped back down and laminating can continue.

Portability is frequently an issue with pouch laminators. Many laminators are awkward and difficult to pick up and move around. The Fellowes Saturn SL-95 includes a built-in handle, making it easy to pick up and move around. Weighing in at just 7 pounds shipped, the SL-95 can be used on most desks, tables and workstations.

Be aware that the SL-95 is not designed for high-volume use. It is, however, great for the occasional laminating job. I would rate it for low to medium-volume use.

Considering the price, the warranty, the quality and the great looks, I think the SL-95 to be a great fit for any home or small business.

You can find the Fellowes Saturn SL-95 pouch laminator here, our entire selection of pouch laminators here and our pouch laminating film here.  Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 with your pouch laminator questions.

Minipack MVS 31 X Chamber Vacuum Food Sealer Review

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Minipack MVS 31 X Chamber Vacuum Food SealerDo you package fish, fruit, meat, vegetables and other products on a daily basis? If you are using an external sealer, you may need to upgrade to something designed for commercial or continuous-use operation like a chamber sealer. One model you may want to consider using is the Minipack MVS 31 X chamber vacuum food sealer (found here). I have used this vacuum sealer and this is my review.

Minipack is easily one of the best-known manufacturers of packaging equipment. The parent company, Minipack-Torre, is based in Italy. They manufacture a wide variety of products including shrink wrap machines, vacuum food sealers, mail baggers and more. Minipack’s line of products have a great reputation with our customers.

The MVS 31 X is the direct replacement to the extremely popular MVS 31. Other than a few aesthetic changes, the MVS 31 X is very similar to the MVS 31. It utilizes a chamber that measures in at 12.75″ W x 11.75″L  x 4.5″ H. While this isn’t a huge chamber area, it can be used to package most food products.

Using the Minipack MVS 31 X is extremely easy. Simply place your product in a vacuum sealer back, place it in the MVS 31 X and make sure the sealing bar covers the opening of the bag.

Once the process has begun, the entire cycle takes just a few seconds. First the air is removed from the chamber (up to 99.99%), the bag is sealed shut using a sealing bar and then the air is returned back to normal atmosphere. As the air inside the chamber returns to normal, you can literally see the bag collapse around the product being sealed. It produces an extremely professional and tight seal around the product being packaged.

The control panel on the MVS 31 X is extremely easy to use. It allows you to adjust the amount of air being removed, the sealing bar time and much more. The MVS 31 X has up to 10 customizable programs, allowing you to save your settings and adjustments. A display on the control panel will even let you know when the chamber’s oil needs to be changed. An optional inert gas kit is available if you are packaging more delicate products.

Calibration, based on your elevation, is extremely easy to do and simple instructions are included with the machine. It is an easy-to-use and no-nonsense machine.

The MVS 31 X features an excellent build quality. Many things have been built into the MVS 31 X to also make it easy to clean up and keep sanitary. Unlike many cheaper machines, the MVS 31 X has a seamless basin, which prevents food from getting into cracks, bacteria and contamination.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Minipack MVS 31 X chamber sealer for anyone packaging food or other products on a commercial level. This machine is designed to handle the load. Just be sure the chamber dimensions match up with what you’re packaging. I rate this machine a full 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find the Minipack MVS 31 X chamber vacuum food sealer here and our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any product questions, for parts requests, repairs and for other information related to vacuum sealers.

Lassco CR-60 Aluminum Sign Corner Rounder Review

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Lassco CR-60 Aluminum Sign Corner RounderIf you are in the sign making industry, you probably realize that a nice round corner is far safer than a sharp metal corner. For this reason, most sign makers lop off those sharp corners in exchange for safer round corners. One of the best ways to round the corners on signs is by using a machine like the Lassco CR-60 aluminum sign corner rounder (found here).

Lassco is well known for their huge line of paper corner rounders. Most of their corner rounders can handle several hundred sheets of paper at a time, including laminated material, but only one machine can handle aluminum.

The Lassco CR-60 is rated for cutting half hard aluminum up to .080″ thick. This is pretty impressive. This is due in part to the special design of the handle. The CR-60’s handle has been leveraged in such a way that it can produce up to a one ton press capacity. It is remarkably easy to use.

One really nice feature of the CR-60 is its ability to use interchangeable corner rounding die plates. Simply remove the die plate table you don’t need and add the correct size die plate table. The CR-60 is available with ½”, ¾”, 1″ and 1 ½” radii corner rounding die plate sizes. One die plate is included in the price of the machine.

The build quality on the CR-60 can’t be beat. It is a solid piece of machinery, weighing in at 38 pounds. It can be used on most tables and surfaces.

I highly recommend the Lassco CR-60 for aluminum sign corner cutting. It is reliable, solid and has a great track record with our customers.

You can find the Lassco CR-60 aluminum sign corner rounder here and our entire selection of corner cutting machines here.

Overview: Letter-Size Laminating Pouches (9″ x 11 ½”)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Pouch Laminating FilmLetter-size laminating pouches are by far the most common and popular pouch size used by our customers. There are many good reasons for the popularity. There are also a few things you should know about this popular size prior to making a purchase. I will provide some valuable tips in this article that will help you get the most out of our letter-size pouches.

A letter-size laminating pouch is naturally the most popular size used by pouch laminator owners for several reasons. For one, letter-size paper is the most common paper size used with printers.  Letter-size paper can be used to print cards, signs, book covers, business cards and more.

You may have noticed, by the title of this article, that letter-size laminating pouches measure in at 9″ x 11 ½” (23 cm x 30 cm). The reason these pouches are slightly larger than a letter-size sheet of paper (8 ½” x 11″) is to provide a tight seal around the document being laminated and to provide a little alignment room.

Laminating pouches are sealed along a single edge, making the two sides of the pouch into a folder. This seal takes up about 1/8″ of the film. Once a letter-size document has been laminated, you generally have about a ¼” clear plastic border around the entire document. This excess can be left as is or it can be cut off using a paper cutter.

Once laminated, a letter-size pouch can easily be cut down into smaller documents. Many of our customers will use a printer to create a 10-up or 12-up business card pattern (using an 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of paper) and then laminate it using a letter-size laminating pouch after. Finally they cut the individual business cards out using a rotary paper cutter. The end results look great.

Cutting a laminating pouch does not cause the laminated document to fall apart, however, it will expose around the edges the laminated document. This may cause the document to peel apart over time.

Ultimately, once cut, a laminated pouch is only as strong as the material the film is bound to. Leaving a laminated edge around a document will improve its water resistance and long-term integrity.

You should also be aware that letter-size laminating pouches come in different thicknesses. At this time we currently offer pouches in a 3, 5, 7 and 10 mil thickness. The higher the number, the thicker the pouch. A mil is a thousandth of an inch. You can read more about everything involved in the thickness of a pouch here.

You can find our entire selection of letter-size laminating pouches here and our entire selection of pouch laminating film here. You can find our great selection of pouch laminating machines here.

Fellowes W-11C Level 3 Cross Cut Shredder Review

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Fellowes W-11C Level 3 Cross Cut Paper ShredderFinding a reliable Level 3 paper shredder for under $100 can be tough, especially with an the junk that seems to be out there. One solid little shredder that is perfect for deskside or home office use is the Fellowes W-11C cross cut paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

Fellowes has made a name for itself over the years with its line of paper shredders. With the recent shortage, finding a Fellowes shredder has been a little difficult. One model that is readily available, and very popular, is the W-11C.

The W-11C cross cut paper shredder features a Level 3 cross cut security level. Security levels range from 1 to 6. The higher the security level, the tinier the particle cut. This bodes well for the W-11C as it will effectively destroy documents, rendering them unreadable by suspecting thieves. Particles measure in at 5/32 x 1-3/8″.

The sheet capacity isn’t amazing, at 11 sheets, but it is more than adequate for deskside and home office use. The motor runs at a speed of 16 feet per minute, which is impressive for a shredder of this size. What I personally like about the W-11C is that it makes shredding convenient.

A 9″ throat width is designed to accommodate and shred letter-size paper, envelopes and other standard-size material. If you are shredding paper wider than 9″, you can fold it in half and feed it through the shredder.

The design of the Fellowes W-11C paper shredder is modern and attractive. The gray & black design looks great and fits in well with existing office décor. The control panel layout is very easy to use and even includes a patented safety lock that disables shredder for added safety protection

For the price, you really can’t do much better than the Fellowes W-11C cross cut paper shredder. It looks great, gets the job done and won’t break the bank.

You can find the Fellowes W-11C cross cut paper shredder here and our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Features To Look For In An Office Paper Shredder

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Office Paper ShreddersAll businesses have the need of a paper shredder. Not only is shredding discarded documents a good idea; it’s the law if it involves customer or client information. Business offices have specific needs when it comes to paper shredders. Office shredders are used more often and are put through more use than home paper shredders.

As previously mentioned, office paper shredders get a lot of use. They are typically used by multiple people and often by entire departments. Not just any shredder can be used in an office. I have heard stories from many customers about how their department store paper shredder burned out, can’t shred more than a couple sheets of paper or sounds like a lawn mower.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect office shredder.

  • Continuous Duty Motor – A continuous duty motor is one of the most critical features to have in an office shredder. Continuous-duty shredders have thermally protected motors that allow them to run all day without overheating.
  • Staple / Paper Clip Protection – Unlike home documents, office documents often include staples and paper clips. Having to fish out staples and paper clips is unrealistic, however, many cheap shredders can become irreversibly damaged if a paper clip chips the shredder blade. Most modern-day office shredders can handle staples and paper clips without any issues.
  • Noise Reduction – Nobody likes a noisy piece of office equipment. This includes copy machines, printers and even paper shredders. I recommend, for office use, getting a shredder that is at least 60 decibels or quieter.
  • Speed – Nobody wants to sit around feeding stack after stack of paper into a shredder. While sheet capacity is important, speed is even more important. Shredders are speed rated by feet per second. Most shredders will specify how many feed per second they can shred.
  • Security Level – The shredder security level you use, especially for office use, should be at least a Level 3 or better. The higher the security level, the tinier the shred particles will be. A Level 3 shredder is more than adequate for most offices.
  • Large Bin – Emptying a paper shredder is almost like playing a game of hot potato. Nobody wants to be the person who has to empty the shredder. I recommend getting a shredder with at least a 20 gallon shred bin or bigger. This will result in fewer bag changes and will improve productivity.
  • Casters – Casters are a must-have feature for an office. Offices frequently move around furniture and casters make moving a shredder extremely easy.
  • Auto Oiler – This is more of a convenience than a necessity, but I recommend having an auto oiler for a shredder. Auto-oilers simply remove a maintenance step, ensuring the likelihood that a shredder will be properly oiled. As with any piece of machinery, shredders need to be oiled to prevent premature wear. I recommend oiling a shredder with every bag change (if you don’t have an auto oiler).

These tips are solid and will help you find a great paper shredder. Brands I personally recommend for office use include Dahle, Destroyit, Intimus, Formax and HSM. You can find our entire selection of office paper shredders here. Good luck and happy shopping!

Feel free to ask our paper shredder specialists questions by calling 1-800-658-8788.

Tight Spaces? Consider A Revolving Book Rack!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Revolving Book Display RackThere are a lot of ways you can display a book. There is the traditional bookshelf, for home use, and wall display racks for retail use. What should you do if you are limited on floor or wall space? Consider using a revolving book rack! Here are a few tips to get you started.

To begin with, revolving displays come in a variety of sizes and formats. Some are designed to hold magazines, some comic books and others paperback books. Book racks are by far the most common type of revolving (rotating) display.

The largest revolving book display we currently carry has a total of 84 pockets (found here). Each pocket measures in at 5 3/8″ H x 4 3/8″ W x 3 7/8″ D. That means that each pocket, depending on the size of the paperback book, can hold about 3-4 books (sometimes more). That equals out to potentially be up to 252 to 336 books in a confined footprint of about 20 square inches. That is what I call efficient space management!

Imagine spacing those same 252 to 336 books along a wall mounted book display! It would take up a lot of valuable wall space, potentially up to 8 feet, to accomplish what a revolving magazine rack can do in less than 2 feet of floor space.

Revolving book displays come in several different pocket arrangements, depending on the amount of books you need to display. Revolving displays are typically found in retail stores, libraries, universities, lobbies and more.

While the wire design of revolving book displays allows for easy viewing and access of books, it can present a bit of a structural weakness (in poorly made displays). You certainly don’t want to purchase a display where the wire can bend and look abused in a short period of time, especially in situations where customers will be accessing the book rack on a regular basis.

The wire used in our revolving displays is a very tough and heavy gauge wire. Wire in our revolving displays is designed to be handled and used throughout the day without breaking or bending. In fact, our displays should look just as good a few years down the road as they did the day they were purchased.

You can find our entire selection of rotating book racks here and our entire selection of magazine, brochure and book holders here.

Stimpson 405 Grommet Bench Press Review

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Stimpson 405 Grommet Bench PressHave you ever tried to hang a banner or a sign by strings only to have the strings or rope rip through the material? This is the result of weak attachment points on the banner. The best way to hang up a banner, especially outdoors, is to reinforce the attachment points with a grommet made from brass, aluminum or zinc. The best way to apply grommets is by using a grommet press like the Stimpson 405 grommet bench press (found here).

The Stimpson 405 grommet press is designed to be attached to a bench or table for added stability. The press itself is made from a heavy-duty aluminum frame. The build quality is excellent. Because it is made from a cast frame, it is designed for daily continuous use. It weighs in at 10 pounds.

Using the Stimpson 405 grommet press is easy to use. Simply place a grommet with the base washer on the banner or sign you are working on and place it in the Stimpson grommet press. No holes are needed prior to insertion of the grommets as the grommets are self-piercing. Pull down on the handle and the grommet is formed into place.

Although it is not electric, operation is remarkably fast, taking just seconds to complete. Because of the way the grommet press handle is leveraged, very little effort is required to operate it. You can use the Stimpson 405 for low or medium-volume grommet pressing.

You can use the Stimpson 405 grommet with signs and banners made from lightweigh fabrics and materials. The end results rival work done by larger automated machines.

The model we offer comes with a 5/6″ die for use with #1 grommets. You can find the Stimpson 405 grommet bench press here.

Manufacturer Spotlight: MBM Corporation

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

MBM CorporationThe MBM Corporation is one of the leading dealers of paper shredders, paper cutters, trimmers, folding machines, booklet makers and collators in the USA. Established in 1936, MBM continues to be an office equipment powerhouse and a favorite of ABC Office customers.

MBM is currently headquartered in historical Charleston, South Carolina. They currently produce the Destroyit line of shredders along with the popular line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters. MBM’s parent company is IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany.

MBM currently has an intricate network of dealers both locally and online. We at ABC Office have been selling MBM office equipment for several decades. One reason MBM is so popular is the build quality. There is something about the German engineered and built equipment that seems to stand the test of time.

One of MBM’s most popular lines of office products is their Destroyit line of paper shredders. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times government (federal & local), military and other businesses request Destroyit paper shredders by name. This is because Destroyit shredders get the job done. They feature high quality cutting blades and the ability to hold up to daily use for years upon years without breaking down.

You can view our entire selection of MBM office products here:

We are an authorized dealer of MBM office products, which means our Service Department is able to offer you parts, servicing and repair work on any MBM model. You can request parts and servicing by filling out this form.

GBC CombBind C800pro Comb Binding Machine Review

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

GBC CombBind C800pro Comb Binding MachineWere you a big fan of the classic Ibico EPK-21 comb binding machine? It was a customer favorite, and when it was discontinued, we had a lot of sad customers. The good news is that the EPK-21 now lives on as the GBC CombBind C800pro electric comb binding machine (found here). With a few exceptions, it is the same old reliable machine the EPK-21 used to be.

GBC is one of the largest manufacturers of book binding machine in the USA. They manufacture comb binding machines (CombBind), ProClick binding machines and VeloBind machines. Their line of binding machines are primarily targeted towards businesses.

The C800pro is an electric comb binding machine. It features a durable electric paper punch that can punch up to 25 sheets of paper at a time. The electric punch is operated by pressing on a foot pedal. The foot pedal allows for convenient hands-free operation. This is especially nice for high-volume book binding operations.

While the GBC CombBind C800pro features an electric punch, the opener itself is manual. This shouldn’t come across as too much of a letdown though. Very (emphasis on very) few electric comb binding machines have an electric comb opener. This is because manually opening combs takes just seconds. The comb opener handle is located on the left side of the machine (a minor annoyance for a righty like me).

The C800pro has a maximum punching width of 12″ and a maximum binding thickness of about 2″ (425 sheets of 20# paper). The added width and binding thickness allow you to bind just about any book, report or presentation.

The addition of disengageable punching pins makes the C800pro perfect for custom book binding. Any of the 21 punching pins can be disengaged. This completely eliminates half-punched holes and allows you to bind books ranging from a few inches to 12″ wide without any issues.

The all-metal build quality on the C800pro is very obvious when being handled. The housing, handles, punching pins and gears are all made out of metal. The build quality is exceptional, which is probably why it is rated for commercial-volume book binding.

Overall I really like this comb binding machine. If you are a business or copy center that needs a reliable comb binding machine, this will certainly fit the bill.

You can find the GBC CombBind C800pro electric comb binding machine here and our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

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