Semacon S-110 Manual Coin Counter & Sorter Review

Semacon S-110 Manual Coin Counter & SorterAre you in need of a solid, robust and commercial coin counter and sorter that doesn’t require the use of electricity? Few manual coin counters are capable of handling large coin counting and sorting jobs. One excellent model you may want to consider using is the Semacon S-110 manual coin counter and sorter (found here). This is my review.

Semacon is one of the most reputable manufactures of coin counters, sorters and bill counters around. Their products all feature a very nice build quality, one that far exceeds that found in many competitors. While their prices may be a little more than cheaper Chinese-made products, you make up the difference in cost by longevity alone.

The S-110 is one of the most unique coin counters and sorters that we carry. That is because it is completely manually operated. It is set up and designed like many of our high-end electric coin counters, but instead of an electric motor it features a hand crank.

While manually operated, it is still capable of counting and sorting coins at an amazing speed of up to 1,200+ coins per minute. That is faster than many of our electric machines. It does, however, include a battery-powered LCD screen that keeps tabs of total counted coins.

So why would you want a manual commercial coin counter and sorter? A high-end manual coin counter and sorter is perfect for locations, evens and businesses where electricity is either limited or simply is not available. It is also a huge plus for portability. You can literally use the Semacon S-110 anywhere.

Weighing in at 12.2 pounds, the S-110 is also very easy to pick up and move around. It can be used on desks, tables, countertops and more. Part of the reason for its light weight is the lack of an electric motor. While it is fairly lightweight, the build quality on this machine is excellent.

There is another huge portability benefit with the S-110. The lid on the S-110 acts as a coin funnel and as a dust cover. When folded up, a built-in handle makes the S-110 extremely easy to pick up and move.

The main chassis on the Semacon S-110 is made from a strong and lightweight metal alloy. This alloy frame provides reliable stability to the machine. The outside of the S-110 is constructed from a impact-resistant plastic case. This durable build quality allows the S-110 to be used for heavy-duty jobs.

Overall, if you don’t mind the hand crank, I have to say the S-110 is an excellent coin counter. I highly recommend this coin counter.

If you aren’t fond of the idea of using a hand crank, Semacon also makes a similar variation of this coin counter as the electric-powered S-120 and S-140.

You can find the Semacon S-110 manual coin counter and sorter and our entire selection of coin counting machines here.

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