What Is A Folding Machine Conveyor & Output Stacker?

You may have noticed, while looking around for paper folding machines, that some feature a powered exit conveyor and output stacker. So what is an exit conveyor / output stacker and why would you need one? Having used many folding machines, I have come up with a list of reasons why you may (or may not) need these features.

Powered conveyors are part of a folding machine’s exit tray system. It is essentially the last place folded paper ends up during the folding process. The exit conveyor usually consists of two 1-2″ wide bands that move away from the folding machine. These two powered conveyor bands are designed to move paper in an orderly and organized manner.

Along with the conveyor bands, most powered exit conveyors also utilize a couple of output stacker wheels that help settle paper as it leaves the machine. These stacker wheels are usually manually adjusted, however, some high-end folding machines use automated stacker wheels that automatically adjust, depending on the size of the paper being folded.

Folding Machine Output Stackers & Exit Tray Conveyors

Some paper folding machines use telescoping exit conveyors. This allows you to adjust the conveyor to accommodate different quantities of paper. If you are folding a stack of 500 sheets of paper, you will want the conveyor fully extended.

Paper folding machines that don’t utilize a conveyor / stacking system usually have some sort of a catch tray. This catch tray is designed to simply hold paper as it shoots out of the folding machine. This method still works well, but doesn’t keep paper neat and organized.

Powered exit conveyors and stackers not only keep paper neat and organized, but also keep it in the order in which it was pulled into the folding machine. If you need to keep paper in alphabetical or numerical order, a conveyor system is an absolute necessity.

Folding machines that simply have a catch tray do not keep paper organized. If your folding machine only has a catch tray, you will probably have to jog the paper after you remove it.

Having used folding machines with and without conveyors & stackers, I have to say that I am a big fan of the output conveyor / stacker system. Folding machines with conveyors & stackers, however, are usually more of an up front investment. Most entry-level folding machines have a catch tray. You usually don’t see exit tray conveyor systems until you move into medium to high-volume folding machines.

You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here. Do you still have questions about folding machine conveyors and output stackers? Feel free to speak with one of our paper folder experts at 1-800-658-8788. Please feel free to also post your questions here as a comment.

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