What Is A Paper Stabber?

Paper Pad Counter / Paper Stabber (Quick as a Wink)We had a customer call in a few weeks ago asking if we sold paper stabbers. It ends up the customer didn’t want to kill stacks of paper, but rather he needed a specific tool commonly used in the paper printing & padding industry. After a little research, and a few questions, we discovered what he was looking for.

It ends up that we do sell paper stabbers, but we just called them by a different name. A paper stabber is the same thing as a pad counter. It is a tool that can be adjusted to different widths for quickly separating stacks of paper into equally divided smaller stacks. Our pad counter is commonly called the quick as a wink pad counter.

We offer two different paper stabbers (pad counters). The first model we offer is a 2″ pad counter and the second is a 5″ pad counter. Both of these counters are fully adjustable and very affordable. We have been selling these pad counters since I started working here and they have an excellent track record.

You can find both of our pad counters (paper stabbers) here.

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