What Mail Tabs & Wafer Seals Does The USPS Permit?

Automatic Mail TabbersWith recent changes to what the United States Postal Service (USPS) allows when it comes to mail tabbers has left many people confused. Some older machines are no longer compliant and many people are now wondering what kinds of tabs are permitted. I will try to help you understand what is and is not allowed in this article.

The USPS currently requires that folded documents and paper, that is not in an envelope, be tabbed or secured shut. Unsealed documents can quickly cause a jam in specialized / automated USPS equipment. Tabs and wafer seals are the preferred way to keep undeveloped material shut during mailing. Mailed pieces can also be glued or spot glued.

Improperly placed wafer seals and disallowed tabs can potentially jam in USPS equipment, causing some serious headaches. Incorrect positioning can also make it hard for the USPS to read barcodes or addresses. As a result, the USPS now requires that tabs be placed in specific places, and only specific types of tabs are allowed.

Mail Tabbing USPS Requirements

One of the biggest issues that our customers have had in the past is using perforated tabs. The USPS used to allow perforated tabs, but now requires that tabs and wafer seals be non-perforated. Specifically the USPS states that the tabs should measure in at 1 ½” and be non-perforated. This isn’t too much of a problem as non-perforated paper tabs are still very easy for customers and recipients to open.

Another concern I hear from customers is with regards to how many tabs can be used. The USPS allows multiple tabs to be used. Placement of the tabs depends on the type of document being mailed. Examples include double postcards, folded self-mailers and more. The USPS has a very useful guide showing where tabs should be placed. You can find that guide here.

Mail tabbing continues to be an affordable alternative to envelopes and makes mailing folded documents extremely easy and convenient. At ABC Office we offer a wide variety of different mail tabbing machines found here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our mail tabbing specialists. They can help answer questions about USPS regulations and mail tabbers.

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