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ABC110 Coin Counter & SorterCounting coins by hand, as you might imagine, can take a lot of time. If you’re like me, it will probably take a couple of attempts as well. Speed and error issues makes manual coin counting extremely inefficient. Coin counting machines, like the ABC110 coin counter & sorter, makes counting quick and accurate. I have personally used the ABC110 on several of occasions and have to say that I’m impressed.

I remember as a child getting a coin sorter for Christmas. Yes, I actually asked for one. It wasn’t an electric coin sorter, but rather a gravity coin sorter. You put the coin at the top of the sorter and watched it make its way down, bouncing back and forth until it ultimately dropped into the correct bin. While fun, this isn’t an efficient way to sort or count coins. Unfortunately, many of the coin counters and sorters you find at local department stores operate in a similar way and are simply not meant for commercial use.

The ABC110 means business. The hopper along can hold up to 1,600 dimes. If you have a drawer, a bag or a jar of coins, just dump them into the top and turn the machine on. It will begin to quickly and efficiently count and sort coins. The ABC110 is packed with features, and all for an affordable low price.

You can view a video demo of the ABC110 coin counter and sorter here:

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This coin counter is a great example of a cost effective machine that will save you both time and money. You can find the ABC110 coin counter & sorter here and our entire selection of coin counters here.

Keith Barlow

Keith is a third generation office equipment expert. ABC Office was started by his grandfather back in 1980 and he is proud to be caring on the values that made ABC Office what it is today… unsurpassed selection, detailed information, low prices, and courteous support.

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