Akiles iWire 21 Wire Binding Machine Review

Akiles iWire 21 Wire  Binding MachineAre you shopping around for a reliable wire binding machine that includes a punch, wire closer and easy-to-use features at an affordable low price? There are a lot of wire binding machines floating around out there and one model that seems to be attracting a lot of attention is the Akiles iWire 21 wire binding machine (found here). So is this machine worth the price? This is my review.

Akiles is probably about as well known in the binding industry as Toyota is known in the car industry. Akiles makes dozens of different models of binding machines, including coil, wire and comb binding variations. Over the pas 10 years, Akiles has established a stalwartly reputation, making some of our customers’ favorite machines.

The iWire 21 is one of Akiles’ budget wire binding machines. This doesn’t mean it is “cheap” by any means, but it is targeted towards a low to mid-volume binding range. This particular machine comes in a 2:1 pitch (iWire 21) and a 3:1 pitch (iWire 31) design. The pitch you buy will depend on your preferred hole pattern.

The Akiles iWire21 is a no-nonsense wire binding machine. From the moment you open the box, you are pretty much ready to use it. This machine includes a manual punch, a wire closer and a simple set of binding instructions. There are only about 3 steps required to bind with this machine.

My personal favorite feature is the compact nature of the machine and how portable it is. The paper support on the iWire21 folds down to become a dust cover when the machine is not in use. It only weighs in at 20 pounds, so it is easy to move from desk to desk or room to room.

The manual punch on the iWire 21 is very easy to use. The handle is ergonomic, making it easy to 15 sheets of paper at a time. This wire binding machine has a vertical punch, versus the horizontal punches found in most binding machines. I personally like the vertical punch as it makes it much easier to keep the sheets and holes lined up correctly.

As previously mentioned, this machine is very easy to use. It includes operating instructions on the inside of the dust cover and even has a wire diameter guide.

While I don’t have any long-term data on reliability, because it is so new, I can tell you that upon first inspection the build quality seems exceptional. Akiles has a great track record on their other machines and I can’t see why this machine would be an exception.

I highly recommend this wire binder for your light to medium-volume binding. It should do a great job for binding reports, presentations and booklets.

You can find the Akiles iWire 21 wire binding machine here and our entire selection of wire binding machines here.

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