Dahle 20422 Level 4 Office Paper Shredder Review

Dahle 20422 Level 4 Cross Cut Office Paper ShredderThe modern-day office is filled with paper, confidential information and sensitive records. To prevent identity theft, records should be shredded prior to disposal. It makes good sense and can really save your business’s bacon. No business wants a data breach. One great way to combat identity theft and fraud is to use a paper shredder. One great model for small office use is the Dahle 20422 office paper shredder. This is my review.

Dahle, a leading manufacturer of paper cutters, is also well known for their line of paper shredders. They currently manufacture several dozen different models, making Dahle one of the leading manufacturers of high-end office paper shredders. Their shredders are known for being reliable and are especially popular with the US government.

The Dahle 20422 is a Level 4 cross cut paper shredder. Shredder security levels range from Level 1 to Level 6. The higher the security level, the more secure the cut becomes. Once a sheet of paper is fed through the 9 ½” wide opening, it ends up in 1/12″ x 7/16″ size particles. This is an excellent security cut and is perfect for shredding most sensitive information.

This particular shredder is ideal for small office use by 2-3 different people. Ultimately the Dahle 20422 is best suited for shredding on average 100 to 400 sheets of paper per day. This is more than adequate for most small business applications. It can be used to shred tax information, client proposals, patient records and much more.

When I’m looking around for an office shredder, I not only want a good design and cut, but I also want a paper shredder that is relatively quiet as not to cause too much of a distraction. I consider anything in the 60-decibel range to be decent. The Dahle 20422 sounds in at 56 decibels, which is excellent.

The control panel on the 20422 is very straightforward. It consists of a switch that can be toggled from off, to on and to reverse. When in the “on” position, this shredder will automatically detect paper and turn on and off accordingly. In the event of a paper jam, the reverse motor can be activated to back everything out and clear the jam.

This paper shredder features a cabinet door that allows access to shredded material. An included 10-gallon shred box holds all the shredded paper, which can be removed and emptied when full. To help keep things cleaner, an optional Dahle shredder bag may be used.

The shredder blades on the Dahle 20422 are solid, made from hardened steel. They are designed to not only shred paper, but also to accept paper clips, staples and credit cards.

The build quality on the Dahle 20422 is exceptional. It is designed for continuous use throughout the day. There is no need to worry about the motor overheating or waiting for it to cool down.

I would personally recommend this shred to any co-worker or friend that needs a solid paper shredder for medium-volume use in a small business environment. It has a great track record with our customers and has an excellent reputation.

You can find the Dahle 20422 office paper shredder here and our entire line of Dahle paper shredders here. You can find our entire line of paper shredders here.

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