Digital Duplicator Ink & Drums FAQ

Standard Duplicating & Ricoh Digital DuplicatorsI have had a lot of people ask me questions recently about what types of ink can and which drums can be used with their Digital Duplicators. While digital duplicators are pretty easy to use, once you have a little basic training, there are a few catches that you need to be aware of now to prevent headaches later down the road. These are just a few of them.

Digital Duplicator Ink & Drums FAQ

Does duplicator ink instantly dry once it leaves the machine?
While the ink does dry quickly, it may still be slightly wet once it leaves the duplicator. It isn’t wet enough to cause ink transfer to surrounding copies, but may smear or get on your hands if immediately touched. You should be fine to touch the copy after 30-60 seconds. Many people use paper joggers to quicken the drying process.

Are Standard and Ricoh duplicator supplies interchangeable?
Standard and Ricoh digital duplicators are made in the same factory, which allows ink and masters to be interchangeable. The only tough part is determining which Standard model matches up with the Ricoh equivalent.

Can I use multiple colors in my duplicator’s drum? The quick answer to this question is no. You truly need a dedicated drum for the color you are using. I have seen people put blue ink in a drum that was previously used with red. Let’s just say the end results looked pretty bad and the drum was pretty much ruined. Once a drum has been contaminated with different color ink, it cannot be cleaned out.

Can digital duplicators print full color? The answer to this is yes and no, depending on the machine you are using. Some duplicators have the ability to use multiple drums at the same time, allowing them to print full color prints. Most duplicators, however, are monochrome, which require multiple passes (using interchanged drums) to produce multiple colors.

What kind of dpi (dots per inch) can I expect with my duplicator? You can expect anywhere from 300 x 400 dpi up to 600 x 600 dpi, depending on the duplicator.

Can duplicator ink bleed through paper? I’m not aware of this being an issue. Most digital duplicators allow you to speed them up or slow them down. If the ink is being laid on too thick (potentially bleeding through), I recommend speeding up the duplicator and thinning out the ink.

Are digital duplicators cheaper to operate than a copy machine?
It really all depends on how many copies you are making. If you are only making one or two copies at a time, a copy machine is going to be cheaper. If you are making hundreds to thousands of copies, a digital duplicator will be the cheaper way to go. You can read more about the pricing breakdown differences between duplicators and copy machines here.

I hope these common questions and answers help you in your quest to find a copying machine and I certainly hope that these questions help prevent some headaches later down the road. Having used many digital duplicators myself, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the modern take that has been put on an older technology.

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