Formax FD 402E2 Envelope Jogger Review

Formax FD 402E2 Envelope JoggerIf your work in a mailroom, you are probably well aware of the mess and problems unorganized and jumbled envelopes can cause. While you can grab envelopes and try to bounce them on a table to align them up, this can be time consuming and frustrating. One great way to organize and align envelopes is to use a machine like the Formax FD 402E2 envelope jogger (found here). This is my review.

There are currently two major manufacturers of paper joggers. One is Lassco-Wizer and the other is Formax. I consider both to be reputable brands and great products. Formax currently makes about 4 different models.

When it comes to paper joggers, the Formax FD 402E2 is very unique. This is because it isn’t really a traditional paper jogger, but rather is designed to jog envelopes and letters. This would primarily be in a mailroom environment. It is also capable of jogging checks, statement stubs and much more

The FD 402E2 features 2 jogging slots, capable of holding up to 1,750 sheets of 20# paper up to 4″ W x 9.5″ L in size. This isn’t bad, and considering how fast this jogger works, it shouldn’t take you long to have everything jogged and in order.

So why would you need an envelope jogger? In mailroom environments, letters can arrive in boxes, bags, carts and other containers. These letters and envelopes are usually a mess, however, they will eventually need to be opened.

As you might imagine, most mailrooms use high-speed letter openers. Before the envelopes can be fed into the letter opener, the need to be jogged. This helps to prevent jams and ensures quick and seamless letter opening. This same jogger can be used to jog and organize envelopes after they have been run through a letter opener as well.

The Formax FD 402E2 uses a very powerful motor, vibration at 4,000 vibrations per minute. This is fast, which in turn results in very fast jogging results. The vibration speed is completely adjustable. You can expect a stack of envelopes to be fully jogged in less than 10 seconds. The electromagnetic design of the FD 402E2 allows the motor to run continuously throughout the day without suffering any ill effects.

Overall I have to say that the FD 402E2 is a solid envelope jogger and is definitely a must-have product for busy mailrooms. As is the case with most Formax products, the build quality is exactly where it should be.

You can find the Formax FD 402E2 envelope jogger here and our entire selection of paper joggers here.

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