MBM 18″ Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

MBM 18" Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need a good multi-purpose paper cutter that is well built and offers professional precision? Are you cutting photographs, chipboard, paper and cardstock? If so, you may need a solid paper cutter like the MBM Kutrimmer 1046 guillotine paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

Guillotine paper cutters, in my opinion, are some of the most versatile cutters available. This is because they can be used to cut photos, card stock, chipboards, signs, banners and much more. You may have to adjust the amount or thickness you are cutting, but Guillotine cutters can almost always get the job done.

The MBM Kutrimmer 1046 is a very versatile cutter. It utilizes one of the highest-quality blades you can use in a cutter, a blade made from German Solingen steel. Solingen steel is considered by most to be some of the most durable steel available. Not only does the Kutrimmer 1046 use Solingen steel, but the blade is also razor sharp. This allows the Model 1046 to cut with extreme precision.

A nice blade is obviously critical when it comes to precision cutting. While this is important, the Kutrimmer 1046 also integrates other features that help assist the blade. One such feature is the integrated cutting line indicator. This line indicator is essentially a line that is shown on the object you are cutting, letting you know exactly where the blade will cut the paper. This helps you set up the cut prior to pulling the blade.

The second feature the Kutrimmer 1046 uses to help assist with professional cutting is the “Easy Lift” clamp. This clamp helps keep paper locked in place to prevent movement, which is one of the biggest culprits in crooked cuts.

Setting up the Kutrimmer 1046 is easy. The metal base on this cutter has a diagram of common prints screen printed on the surface. An adjustable back gauge makes this cutter easy to adjust for cutting just about anything, as long as it fits within the 18″ cutting length.

The build quality on the Kutrimmer 1046 can’t be beat. There are hardly any plastic components, with the majority of this cutter being made from metal. This cutter is both German engineered and German built.

Not only is the build quality on the 1046 great, but it is also very safe to use. Unlike many older Gullotine cutters and trimmers, the Kutrimmer 1046 utilizes a transparent Lexan safety guard that keeps the blade inaccessible during the cutting process.

Overall I have to say that this is a great little cutter. For an 18″ cutter, few other models even compare. I highly recommend this cutter for multi-purpose use.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1046 guillotine paper cutter here and our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters here.

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