MBM Kutrimmer 0135 Rotary Paper Cutter (53″) Review

MBM Kutrimmer 0135 Rotary Paper CutterRotary paper cutters are some of the best tools for precision cutting. Larger commercial-style rotary cutters can be used to cut down blueprints, signs, banners, posters and much more. If you are in the market for a professional and precise cutter, consider looking at the 53″ MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

MBM makes some of the finest paper cutters available for businesses today. This includes the Triumph stack cutter line and the Kutrimmer guillotine cutter line. The Kutrimmer line, known best for its guillotine trimmers, is now available in several rotary paper cutter designs as well.

Rotary paper cutters are very unique. They use a rolling blade, usually fixed in some sort of housing, to cut paper. This housing slides along a rail and the rolling blade quickly cuts through material. Because the blade and housing are fixed, there is very little movement, which is why rotary cutters are considered to be THE most precise style of cutter available.

The MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary cutter can be categorized as a commercial cutter, in line with higher-end cutters like the Rotatrim Technical and Neolt paper cutters. The 0135 is designed from the ground up to be easy, functional and extremely durable.

You will notice from the photo that just about everything on the Kutrimmer 0135 is made from metal. This includes the included stand, base and rail. It is designed for heavy use, and the 53″ cutting length can handle a lot of large material. Another feature you will want to take note of is the ergonomic handle on the blade housing. This makes the cutting head very easy to move along the rail.

One thing people don’t realize about rotary cutters is that not only is the blade important, but the metal strip (counter blade) that the rotary blade slides against on the base of the cutter is equally important. The Kutrimmer 0135 uses a hardened steel rotary blade and a stainless knife steel counter blade strip. Together, cutting and precision meets a new level of professionalism. This combination also enables the 0135 blade to self sharpen.

Have you ever used a rotary paper cutter where the cutting head just didn’t seem to want to move? This is often a result of the clamping mechanism. The Kutrimmer 0135 uses a plastic clamp that not only holds paper and material in place while cutting, but also allow the cutting head to effortlessly slide along the cutting rail.

Unlike many high-end rotary paper cutters, the Model 0135 has a paper catch tray. This tray catches all the excess cut chaff, fine paper strips and other material that would otherwise clutter up the floor and make a huge mess. An optional paper roll holder is also available for this cutter upon request.

Overall the MBM Kutrimmer 0135 hits the mark on almost all levels. It is perfect for use in print shops, architectural firms, copy centers and many other businesses. MBM simply makes some of the best office equipment available today.

You can find the 53″ MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary paper cutter here and our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

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