MBM Triumph 4810 D Semi-Auto Stack Paper Cutter Review

MBM Triumph 4810 D Stack Paper CutterCutting hundreds of sheets of paper in one fell swoop requires a special paper cutter. Guillotine and rotary cutters simply will not handle that much paper. What you need is what’s known as a stack paper cutter. One reliable model that you may want to consider for your business operations is the MBM Triumph 4810 D semi-automatic stack paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

If you’re in the print industry, you have probably heard of Triumph. These German-engineered and built paper cutters are considered to be some of the best available today. MBM Triumph cutters (by IDEAL) come in manual, semi-auto, fully auto and hydraulic variations in several different widths.

The Triumph 4810 is available two different designs. The 4810 D is semi-automatic and the 4810 EP is semi-automatic with programmable capabilities.  Both cutters have a large 18 7/8″ cutting width. While I will be specifically reviewing the 4810 D, this review can be used in large part for the 4810 EP as well.

This stack cutter features an electric motor combined with a manual paper clamp. The paper cutter blade can be brought down by the push of a couple of buttons (two-handed operation for safety) and the clamp is brought down using a “hatch” style handle. Combined, these two features produce extremely accurate results.

Everything about this cutter is metal, except for a few minor features. The gears are metal, the stand is metal and the frame is metal. Even the carrier that holds the Solingen steel blade is made from metal. It is designed to handle continuous cutting operations throughout the day.

The spindle-guided backstop on the 4810 D is manual, however, it is extremely easy to set up. A digital display on the front right of the cutter lets you know exactly where the backstop is located in either inches or cm. Along with digital measurements, the 4810 D also uses an LED optical cutting line that lets you know exactly where the blade will cut the paper. This cutter also utilizes dual side guides that allow for exact positioning of even small stock sizes.

Safety should not be a concern. Not only does the 4810 D utilize true two-handed operation, it also requires a key to be operated. The 4810 D also has a clear transparent safety guard that has to be down in order for the cutter to operate.

I personally recommend this cutter for cutting card stock, chip board, paper and much more. It is extremely versatile, very easy to set up and the quality is just where it needs to be. Combined with the included stand, the Triumph 4810 D is a great value and should provide you with years of reliable use.

You can find the MBM Triumph 4810 D semi-automatic stack paper cutter here and our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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