Minipack Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machine Video Demo

Minipack Galaxy Shrink Wrap MachineOne of my favorite all-in-one shrink wrap machines is the Minipack Galaxy. It is easy to use and literally takes just seconds from start to finish. This machine can be used to package CDs, DVDs, gift baskets, pizzas, soap and much more.

Basically all you need to do is take the product you are packaging, place it in the film and pull down the hood. The hood will cut the film around the product and then envelope the plastic in hot air, shrinking the film. The end results are extremely professional and are perfect for transportation, presentation and retail sale.

I would go into more detail on how to use the machine, but this video will probably do more in 6 minutes than I could explain in 6 pages. Enjoy!

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I hope you liked this video. This machine is affordable, is made in Italy and now has a long history and great reputation behind it. You can find the Minipack Galaxy shrink wrap machine here and our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here. Have a great day!

Keith Barlow

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