What is a Cardboard Perforator?

Martin Yale / Intimus PackMate Cardboard ShredderHave you ever heard the term cardboard perforator used before? I hadn’t either until I was writing up some descriptions for a couple of HSM ProfiPack cardboard shredders. HSM refers to their cardboard shredders as cardboard perforators. It makes sense, especially when you look at the cardboard shredding process.

If you’re not familiar with cardboard shredders, they are used to cut down cardboard boxes into either strips or into “waffle-cut” pieces for a variety of reasons. Waffle-cut cardboard does have more of a perforated than a shredded appearance to it. Most of our customers who own cardboard shredders use shredded cardboard as box filler or as cushioned packaging for mailing and shipping packages.

Shredded cardboard is remarkably effective at absorbing high shock impacts. Products packaged with shredded cardboard often turn out better than other packages using peanuts or air pockets. This is due in part to the sponge-like properties of shredded cardboard and the fact that shredded cardboard doesn’t move much during shipping.

Cardboard shredders are primarily purchased for the following reasons:

  • Free Packaging
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Freeing Up Space

As previously mentioned, we offer three different cardboard shredders (perforators):

  1. Martin Yale PackMate Cardboard Shredder
  2. HSM ProfiPack 400 Cardboard Perforator
  3. HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Shredder

All three of these models are solid machines. One unique feature that I personally like about the Martin Yale PackMate is that it can be used to not only shred cardboard, but newsprints and computer printouts. While shredding computer printouts is a great way to recycle paper as packaging, it is by no means confidential, so be sure your computer printouts do not contain any sensitive information.

I personally think that every warehouse should have a cardboard shredder. They are effective machines, easy to use and really help free up space in the warehouse.

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