What Is a Security Level 6 Paper Shredder?

Security Level 6 Shredded PaperWhen it comes to shredding paper, you may have noticed that paper shredders are often categorized by a security level. One of the most coveted shredder levels is the security level 6. So what exactly is a security level 6 shredder and why would you ever need one? I will explain that and much more in this article.

Shredder security levels are used to categorize the shred particle size of a shredder. The shredder level scale goes from 1 to 6, with level 6 being the most secure. A security level six is any shredder that cuts paper within a 1 x 4-5 mm size. This size is extremely small, some comparing it to dust.

Level 6 paper shredders are sometimes called high security paper shredders, top-secret shredders and confidential shredders. This is because level 6 shredders are used to shred the most sensitive documents, hence the reason they are so popular with the government and military. Documents cut down to a level 6 size cannot be re-assembled.

NSA / CSS Approved Level 6 Paper ShreddersMost level 6 shredders are DOD approved and fall within NSA / CSS specifications.

Typically, as the security level increases, the sheet capacity of the shredder decreases. This is because higher security level shredders require more cuts, which in turn requires more pressure and cutting force to cut a sheet of paper.

So do you need to use a level 6 paper shredder? For most business, home and office use, the answer is no. Most businesses will be fine with a shredder security level 3 shredder, whose cutting range falls within a 1.9 mm strip cut or a 3.9 x 30-50 mm cross cut. Few non-government sponsored entities have the ability to re-assemble a level 3 cut document.

A level 3 shredder blends security, affordability and maximum sheet capacity into a well-rounded paper shredder. This type of paper shredder can safety be used to shred client and customer information, receipts, bills and other personal documentation.

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