Why Use a Separate Double Loop Wire Closer?

Double Loop Wire CloserWire binding is commonly used to bind books, reports and presentations. The end results look very professional, hold up with time and supplies are available in a wide variety of colors. If you already own a wire binding machine, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider using a separate double loop wire closer. Why? I’ll explain.

Wire closers, whether manual or electric, can help broaden your binding options and speed things up. There are two primary reasons why you may want to use a wire closer.

To begin with, the amount of documents you can bind per minute, hour and day is limited to the capacity of the machine and the capabilities of the person using it. One great way to increase wire binding speeds is to use a separate wire closer. This will allow one person to punch paper and a separate person to simultaneously close the wire.

The second reason you may want to use a wire closer is if you already own a comb binding machine. While comb binding is a completely different format that wire, comb still uses the same hole punching pattern as Spiral-O wire. That’s right. Comb and Spiral-O wire both use a 19-ring hole pattern. If you have a wire closer, you can bind books in wire using your comb binding machine.

So there you have it! A couple of great reasons why you may want to consider buying a wire closer. You can find our entire selection of double loop wire closers here.

Keith Barlow

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