Akiles CoilMac-ECI 4:1 Coil Binding Machine Video Demo

Akiles CoilMac-ECI 4:1 Coil Binding MachineWhen shopping around for a coil binding machine, you more than likely want to get the best machine for your money. While we would all like a fully automated machine, budgets often do not allow for such luxuries. One great compromise is a semi-automated coil binding machine with an electric coil inserter. One such machine is the Akiles CoilMac-ECI 4:1 coil binding machine. I recently had a chance to play around with one.

If I were to come up with a top 5 best coil binding machines list, the CoilMac-ECI would easily be one of the top two models. To begin with, the CoilMac-ECI is a solid coil binding machine. It is made from durable metal construction. While the punching is manually done, coil insertion is done via an electric coil inserter that spins coils through punched holes.

The coil inserter on the CoilMac-ECI isn’t a puny or scaled back. It runs almost the entire width of the machine, powered by a powerful motor. Many cheaper machines with inserters use low-quality motors. Everything used to build the CoilMac-ECI appears to be of the highest grade quality.

The CoilMac-ECI is now also available in a “Plus” version. The CoilMac-ECI Plus is pretty much the same machine as the standard CoilMac-ECI with the only differences being that the “Plus” punches oval holes instead of round holes and features disengaging punching pins on all the punching dies. Both machines are of equal quality.

As mentioned earlier, I had a chance to use the CoilMac-ECI. We ended up shooting a video of it, which you can find here:

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As you can see, the end results look extremely professional. You can use the Akiles CoilMac-ECI to bind booklets, cookbooks, reports, presentations and much more. It is an extremely versatile machine. It literally only takes a few minutes, from start to finish, to complete a booklet.

I recommend this machine for use in schools, churches and businesses. Having sold these machines for years, I can vouch for the fact that the CoilMac-ECI has an excellent track record. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the Akiles CoilMac-ECI coil binding machine here and our entire selection of coil binding machines here.

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